Ash Ashes

What remains in your experience, perhaps as memory or wisdom, after the event or person has gone. Purification. Something that once moved you or troubled you, but the feelings have burnt themselves out; death or fear of it. Ashes also fertilise after a period of decay, death or destruction. Something that is empty of life; or an endeavour, relationship or dream that nothing came of it or that has ended.

Ash filled air: Enormous changes going on; great emotion, or emotion filled events, creating confusion and perhaps danger.

Ashes of someone or something: Something or someone that existed in your life and were a living part of it, but have now gone. Perhaps feelings have burnt out and left only a shadow, ashes of what existed before. The ashes in the case of cremation suggest the loss of the physical body, and what is now living is the influence of that person still existing in your life.

Ashtray: The way you get rid of old feelings, habits, memories; collection of past burnt out feelings or results of relationships; connection with smoking habit.

Cigarette ash: Connection with smoking; old feelings or anxieties.

If connected to cricket: Victory – or defeat if losing them.

Idioms: Rake over the ashes; reduced to ash; ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that is now ashes, and how does that link with what has gone from your life?

With what feelings are you relating to the ashes?

Is there something that has been burnt out of your feelings or purified?

Try using Acting on your dream.


-Ryan 2016-08-22 1:47:36

I drempt of looking for a gravestone with people and we found it. And when we did a woman that was with me opened this compartment or door at the side of the stone where there was ashes. She put her finger in the ashes and then wiped the ashes onto another women as if to make the deceased alive in her or something like that. I believe the name on the stone was that of an ancestor.

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