Dreaming of an ashram usually means you are on a quest for your core self. You may receive important instructions or lessons from your own highest level – usually shown as a wise being or guru.

We are all dual beings. The one side of us we know as our conscious self, living in the waking world. That side is only a tiny and usually cut of self. We have another side of us that most people are unconscious of and is best thought of as a massive and integrated consciousness of everything and everybody.

Example: I woke early his morning to pee. As I woke I was aware of having been dreaming, but I could not remember what the dream was. However, I was experiencing a strong feeling of being connected with all things. I had a deep sense of being part of everything, and of everything being a part of me. It was very real and I had a spontaneous image of standing in a great garden, an immense place of creation and unity – the Garden of Eden feeling. As this happened I had an insight that most of the people in the world do not have, and perhaps do not want to be a part of this unity. This thought, in the way it was experienced was completely new to me. I couldn’t understand why anyone would not want to experience this wonder and communion. I knew I was at the wedding feast, the celebration of life or creation. It was a wonderful feeling to be a part of this mystery.

Therefore the realisation that many people did not want this was slightly shocking or unnerving. It made me ask myself the question of whether I was naive, perhaps not seeing or realising something. This realisation went on to the sense that in fact a sort of battle was going on between those who were part of the celebration, and those who didn’t want it. I thought that those who didn’t want it were perhaps frightened of losing the control they thought they had over their life and the world. I knew I was playing a part in this battle or struggle.

Example: A man – Jesse Watkins – stressed out of his normal awareness said – ““I was more than I had ever imagined myself. Not only was I living my life now, but I had existed from the very beginning of time, from the lowest form of life up to the present. The real me was all that experience. Then at times I could see ahead beyond even the awareness I now had, to where we become aware of it all.” Jesse felt that the new ‘world’  he was experiencing was something humans were moving toward, but most people couldn’t reach at the moment. In that world were beings Jesse called gods, beings who could live and move in that world easily, beings who were not afraid of the enormity of the experience. From this he felt that all the things that happen to us in our life are helping us evolve toward becoming like the gods Jesse met.

In the ashram you are part of the journey into the wider life. There are stages of the journey which are marked by initiations – a powerful l experience that allows you entrance to a new level of sharing the ALL.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did you experience in connection with the ashram?

Was it difficult to get into the ashram?

Did you learn anything there?

In what way did you learn?

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