Barracks This suggests an intimate sharing of your life with others. Also it shows in your dream the complications or problems of this. There can be friendship, enmity, differences and hard feelings. So ask yourself what happened in your dream.

Example: I discover a thief in my barracks. I am furious. I am going to call the military police, but T. tells me to calm down that the guy is a genuine war hero. I find the evidence of all sorts of stuff he has stolen. I want to the call the police, but T. tells me to calm down. I almost hit her. Actually I can’t tell – because I have been drinking – whether he has stolen anything from me. But I can see his room is full of junk and I can see where he has been messing around my junk. (I first discover some evidence against him in a cabinet over a display of souvenirs I have. He has moved around my souvenirs in an insulting way too.) I also cannot remember what I did with my computer – whether it is missing too.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What happened to me or what did I feel in the dream?

Was it a friendly atmosphere or was there difficulty?

Do I have memories of being in a barrack?

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