This might link with hidden desires in you to kill certain parts of yourself. For instance sometimes a person destroys their own best interests or creations. The assassin might also show the feelings you hide about someone else or their achievements. See murder.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream showing that the assassin is aiming to kill, and what does this point to in my waking life?

Am I surreptitiously undermining my own or someone else’s activities?

Have I killed out some aspect of my own feelings, love or creativity?

Try using Talking As to understand your dream.


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-02-10 23:42:15

I had a dream that I was talking with an old friend or someone I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Pretty sure they were a drug dealer but on the phone(I was talking to them that way) they said that an assassin was after them & because they said it so nonchalant I mimicked then saying “oh just an assassin.” They said cause this was happening they could get a whole bunch of money(& other things). Later on in the dream I ran into the old friend & they were going into this restaurant-like business & he was with 2 other people. When entering the people aren’t suppose to come back cause the assassin was the waiter but my old friend said to the waiter that he had served him before, which pissed off the waiter. The waiter said it was impossible & there was only one way it was true. I was still upset with him, so I walked away cause he kept looking at me & I saw it as him trying to be macho(& I wasn’t impressed). Then I was at my parents house & I was venting to my father about the situation & he said that the following day there was gonna be an assassin following him & my mother. I was confused by this in the dream & it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, now.

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