The basic life processes in the body, which uphold or carry us through the years; the plodding long suffering body; foolishness, a sort of living on whims and fancies, or being used and abused by others. Also a foolishness or stupidity arising from a limited view of things; in the bible the ass carries the Christ, and so represents the unconscious automatic functions of the body which can support the wider awareness. In some dreams it represents stubbornness arising perhaps out of long entrenched habits and automatic behaviour, but also out of the hungers and needs of the body. This aspect of the ass also represents humility and patience along with common or everyday life.

If the ass or donkey is being ridden by or pulling someone else: You may be feeling you are doing all the hard work in a relationship, or working like a beast of burden.

Riding a donkey or ass: This may represent humility or feeling in a lowly position. But may simply relate to your relationship with your body’s needs and responses. See Ass/Donkey.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If you consider that your relationship with the ass might indicate how you are dealing with your body, what does it suggest?

Are you feeling put upon by the needs or demands of others?

Is somebody trying to make you go in a direction you do not want to?

Are you being a donkey or an ass – i.e. a bit dense or silly?

Try being in the role of the donkey or ass and see what you find – Being the Person or Thing.

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