This points to attitudes or feelings, perhaps even ideas, that can take you beyond the ordinary view you have of life and yourself. There is also a suggestion you are feeling the courage to grow and explore what you cannot yet define. See: Space.

This might link with efforts you are making in meditation or exploring your inner world of experiences beyond your body senses. Sometimes it reflects states of mind in which you split off from your body, perhaps in an attempt to run away from or avoid direct life experience.

Useful questions are:

What is it the astronaut or I am doing in this dream, and how might that relate to my waking activities?

Am I learning anything from the astronaut?

If I stand in the role of the astronaut what is my view of life and the world?


-Rudy W 2015-03-09 18:04:05

The main thing that I can really remember about the dream (being an astronaut) was that I was on the shuttle, and asked to go out and do a space walk. I felt unsure, a little scared and no confidence in doing it, but I was eventually pushed out in to space. That is all that I can remember.

    -Anna 2015-03-13 8:40:15

    Rudy – It is part of our inner process to have to move beyond our inner resistances and fears.
    And so I like to pass on what Tony has taught me too:
    “So be patient and yet press on – a contradiction but true”.
    Anna 🙂

      -Blake 2015-09-15 10:56:40

      I had a dream that I was in a space ship with other people but we ran out of oxygen and couldn’t get the other tanks in

-anna 2015-03-07 10:31:51

what is the meaning of this dream for me.

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