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The dream astrologer often represents your intuition or unconscious insights into yourself and others. There may also be a link with a sense of destiny or direction. But perhaps you associate astrology with hocus pocus, in which case your dream might be suggesting you are being misled.

To see, be, or have connections with an astrologer in your dream suggests you are in touch with your intuition, and may be having thoughts or concerns about your future. It can also indicate intuitions concerning your innate abilities or qualities, and where they might lead.

Astrology is a modern version of an ancient realisation about forces of cosmic origin that shape and influence our lives. Unfortunately most of ancient vision has been lost. But any mention of astrology in your dream may suggest that you are now receiving the cosmic impulses in your creative activities, which will lead your life to a fuller expression of your potential.

The more deeply those heavenly signs and their traditional significance’s are studied, the more impossible it appears to consider them as a human invention. In the first place they are more ancient than the earliest records of human history; they can be traced in the earliest dawn of civilisation. The most ancient legends of all peoples are based on them.

Everywhere throughout the world the “Signs,” their symbols, and significance are found practically identical. There are some slight modifications of the symbols to adapt them to local conditions; for instance, the “Bull” becomes an “Elephant” in India; the “Crab” is sometimes a “Tortoise,” in Egypt it was sometimes replaced by the scara­beus, but it remained a “Crab” in the planispheres of the great temples of Egypt at Denderah and Esme; the meanings of the signs were unchanged. The only change of any importance that ever appears to have been made was the substitution of the “Scorpion” for the “Eagle,” and that corresponded with one of the most important facts in the whole story of humanity, which can be more appropriately referred to later.

(During the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt, Vivant Denon drew the circular zodiac, the more widely known one, and the rectangular zodiacs. In 1802, after the Napoleonic expedition, Denon published engravings of the temple ceiling in Denderah in his Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte.[5] These elicited a controversy as to the age of the zodiac representation, ranging from tens of thousands to a thousand years to a few hundred, and whether the zodiac was a planisphere or an astrological chart.)

How can we account for these signs and their traditional meanings. There is no conceivable way in which men in the earliest stages of civilisation could have obtained them from observation and experience. Uninterrupted observations over a complete Precessional Cycle, even if possible, would have been insufficient. And what could lead any primitive race of men even to imagine the possibility of any connection between the stars and their lives and destinies? Given the Zodiacal conception, its significance, and the key to “planetary” workings, by some form of “Revelation,” they would of course be able to observe its influences at work in human – and cosmic – affairs, but no human beings could ever have “invented” it. The only explanation of its origin which appears to be possible is that it was “revealed” to men in just exactly the same way as “prophecies” and all other spiritual mysteries, through the perceptive faculty of the unconscious mind at the period of its most complete activity.

 Example: I dreamt my uncle Tony came to me. He asked where the toilet was and I described it. I discovered the sink was overflowing with water. P had left a tap running. When I looked however, the sink was within another sink, thus the floor was not wet. I believe I turned the taps off though.

My uncle talked to me. I noticed he had a wig on, it was also dyed black. He told me, or I knew that a group of businessmen wanted me to talk about astrology. At first I was merely going to give an “off-the-cuff” talk. Later however I began to want to really throw all I had into the talk, both off-the-cuff, and well researched talk.

The dreamer attempted to use intuition to understand the dream by exploring it intuitively not interpreting it intellectually by thinking about or looking up symbols: “The dream brings to your life the present possibilities. Bringing the possibilities to light. There was the time when you were never certain what to do with your life. Life brought pain. When this dream was lived, you were lost within yourself. The dream brought love into your life.

The first part of the dream lifts you from the recent darkness. When your uncle Tony arrives, this represents the coming from within yourself of those possibilities lost when you lost your way three years ago. You lost it them because you tried the path which left the world. There was lost the path your soul came to fulfill. You resisted the urge to teach the word. The word was lost within you. The word was my life calling you. When you resisted the call you decided to leave the world by trying to live the spiritual life. When you (recently) released love on this decision you received the power to speak the word.

The word will live within you. The life you will now live will be the word living in you. The way you live will let my world bring your world my light. The dream promises that you will bring the Star Light to many. The dream promises that you will lift many by telling them the wisdom you received from my word. The dream brings you my world.

There was, last night, the lifting of the mind. There will follow from this the possibility of lifting the mind in others. The dream was lived because you were receiving the power to speak from the word. The part where the water overflows means that the life force now flows freely. Nothing is hurt when it flows over. The present life will allow it to express without harm. It can be turned off or on as wished. The life force flows between the two sinks because they represent the two levels of physical existence, the outer and the inner. See Q’s Big Question

The child – P – represents your present love, longing, and my life within you. The toilet is the creative self now clearing problems by flushing them away which were frustrating it. The wig is the false thinking, the unconscious false thoughts, still prevalent and to be dealt with.

When your uncle brings up the subject of astrology, this means that you are now receiving the cosmic impulses in your creative activities, which will lead you in your life activities. The part where you – plan to – speak to the group, brings your life work before you. When you decide to make this work expression of your thoroughness, then you bring to the cosmic impulses your own gift of self expression”. See Star Beings

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the astrologer give any information about your character or future – if so can you say what it is?

Do I have particular concerns about my future – if so what are they?

Did I seek help from the astrologer – if not why not? He or she represents your intuition and might hold important and useful insights.

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