Atom Bomb

This can indicate anxiety regarding the external world, political forces etc, that the dreamer feels at the mercy of. Usually this about fears for the future and what might develop in the external world through the immense forces of politics and national conflict. It is often coupled with the dreamer’s survival strategies. In this way the dreamer might be trying out in the dream things he or she might do in such a situation.

The atom bomb or dreaming of a mushroom cloud can also depict the end of a particular world or way of life for the dreamer; i.e. the end of school life; divorce; loss of spouse; tremendous potential energy, but related to in a way that threatens the dreamer, and is therefore not harnessed. In other words the dreamer is relating to the change as a cataclysmic and destructive one.

It can also suggest fear of the irrational forces of life and the unconscious which may destroy all we have built in our conscious self. See: end of world dreams; anxiety; bomb; explosion.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How am I reacting to the bomb, and is this of any help – if not what might I do, considering this is a dream and I am dealing with my own feelings or anxieties?

Am I facing a massive or explosive change in my life – if so what is it?

Do I suspect that a situation is developing that might explode in a destructive way?

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