Virtually all of us have areas of our feelings, or responses to particular situations such as learning or a relationship with the opposite sex, in which we have been hurt or traumatised. These areas or responses may be represented by an autistic child or adult. These withdrawn or hurt parts of self can sometimes express great shrewdness or insight when met in the right way. This may be because within such experience we hold awareness of how pain or difficulty influences life, and what pains other people carry. See: idiotArchetype of the Outcast.

So it can represent your own lack of or inability to express yourself. See I AM

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Useful Questions and Hints:

How am I relating to the autistic person, or the autism in myself?

Can I accept that I can learn something from this person or situation?

What are the events of this dream suggesting? See: themes; habits and Crazy As a Jaybird – Sane Reasons for Some Crazy Behaviour.

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