Baby Animal

This can suggest feelings you have about youself when young.

Feelings or memories concerning your own babyhood

Such dreams about baby animals can also indicate a desire for a baby; vulnerability; fundamental survival behaviours such as dependence, crying and bonding.

A baby animal sometimes point to pregnancy or a desire to be pregnant.

Example: ‘I am putting four of our puppies under the grill and cooking them.’ Maureen. LBC.

 Although Maureen hasn’t eaten her puppies yet, her dream illustrates how food is used to represent emotional needs. Maureen is childless, has a lot of mother love, planned the pregnancy of her bitch, and gets enormous satisfaction from rearing the puppies. She is literally hungry for the exchange of love and care she finds in dealing with her puppies.


-Janice fella 2014-01-19 1:50:12

I go to my bathroom to find the sink full of water and a kitten and a puppy in the water , both looked dead …I try to save the kitten but to no avail , it’s dead , then I try to save the puppy and the puppy starts vomiting water and comes back to life.

-Kellie 2014-01-02 14:57:53

Last night I had a dream about caring for several baby animals all of which were pets. Puppies, kittens, baby rats and a nest of baby birds I happened to find. The kittens wanted to climb around out side and I was very worried about them falling as we were on a 2nd story balcony. There were also baby snakes, which I was worried about eating the baby birds or baby rats but I did not want to hurt the snakes, as they were babies too. Despite the dangers to the animals I was not stressed during the dram, and instead tried to find ways to solve the issues. Over all I remember feeling happy while caring for the animals, and enjoying petting and cuddling with them. What could this mean? If it helps I am 27, not married living with my boyfriend of 2 years and have no children (unless you count my dog and pet rats)

-Jade 2013-11-28 1:49:23

Last few nights I have been dreaming of giving birth to baby sharks,..ha what is this?

-Quay 2013-10-14 2:29:01

I had a dream last night of me and my boyfriend feeding a baby kitten with a baby bottle and us holding the head like the kitten couldn’t hold his head up by himself.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-10-20 13:05:11

    Quay – A kitten often indicates a baby. The reason it is shown as a kitten is that often we do not like to admit things, so disguise the fact that you either want a baby with your boyfriend or are about to have one. You are certainly ready and the urge toward motherhood is a powerful instinct – so be careful. See Quay – A kitten often indicates a baby. The reason it is shown as a kitten is that often we do not like to admit things, so disguise the fact that you either want a baby with your boyfriend or are about to have one. You are certainly ready and the urge toward motherhood is a powerful instinct – so be careful. See


-Samantha 2013-06-07 19:51:35

I had a dream last night that I was outside of my daughters school waiting for the bell to ring, when I spotted a pure white wolf pup. It was only a couple weeks old. So I picked it up and kept it warm in my sweater. I tried to find someone to take it who could give it a better home until it was old enough to live in the wild. I ended up taking it to an animal rescue but felt terrible leaving it there so I took it home. Thats all I remember.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-06-14 7:38:19

    Samantha – The pure white wolf pup is a sign that a link with your inner life, your intuition, your pure instincts has been given you. To put it in animal rescue, as your feelings told you – felt terrible leaving it there – was not the best thing to do.

    Dreams take place in your inner world, as real and important as your outer world, but they have totally different rules. You probably took the pup to the animal rescue because in the outer world that was the thing to do. But in the inner world you had received a wonderful gift and needed treasure it and let it grow in your life. So imagine yourself back in the dream and take that pup home with you.

    So please read and –


-xiomara 2013-03-10 13:54:14

I dreamt that I was at my friends house in tx (I’m from nj) but when I got there I had the sense that she saved me from something… anyway when I walk around her house I see that she has baby lamb puppies kittens and another type of baby animal I was unable to identify. I just felt curious as to why she had all these animals just roaming around the house… then I woke up

    -Tony Crisp 2013-03-11 8:02:56

    Xiomara – Don’t forget that in dreams if you think about a person, do you honestly think your thoughts are them? Thoughts are like photocopies and never deal with reality. Your dreams are like thoughts, they do not deal with the dreamed of people or things. But they do deal with the reality of your own inner life. It is similar to computer games where you can be killed or fail a thousand times and emerge none the worse. But if you learn the rules of the game of Life then you can go up the levels in this virtual reality world.

    So your dreamt of friend seems to reflect the love of natural things and also baby things. Your dream is saying that you have a lot of natural or instinctive feelings and need caring for. For in your body are the animals you dream of. See –


-Courtney 2012-09-24 15:02:52

I’m 17 and I had a dream a couple of nights ago about having a baby that was the size of my hand. This baby was small, and un-human like, although it had my smile and my boyfriends eyes. In my dream though, I loved this baby like it was human, and didn’t seem to mind that it was un-human. The people that were mostly in my dream were me, my mom, and my boyfriend, but he had to leave for the marines (which he is about to get into), but my mom was the one who helped me with the baby and put my in this white room where I fell asleep with “him?” and he ended up falling off the bed and died. I woke up weird’d out and not sure what this creature I had was, why he was so small, and why I had it. I’m just wondering what this dream meant, if anything.

-Jessica 2012-09-17 16:50:41

Hi. Last night I dreamed that my 8 heathy puppies was mixed up with over a thousand other sick and daying puppies. I had to call someone to come assist me to sort and select my puppies out of all this puppies, funny enough I knew exactly which once was mine out of all of them. I got this dream after standing up at night when I heard my puppies crying outside and found them wondering around crying. They only 2 weeks old german shepherd puppies. Does this dream mean any thing sir/madam?

-Bri 2012-09-16 10:02:37

I’m 8 months pregnant and woke up in a panick over my dream. I dreamt I had a litter of 7 puppies and was so proud of them and kept putting them in a pile and making sure they were all alive. I suddenly didn’t feel right about where I had them(I think they were under a round table in a large blanket) like something bad was going to happen if I didn’t move them right away. I bundled them up and moved them across a very large pathway to a very secure forrest type setting and once settled I kept counting them over and over again, sure that I may have missed one but kept counting exactly 7. Woke up looking for 7 little puppies.
Curious to know what this could mean.

-Arielle 2012-09-14 12:46:31

I had a very strange dream last night and I have no idea what it means ( if it meant anything). I was with a friend and her child playing together some kind of puzzle/quiz game ( they were actually made up people, but I felt like I knew them in the dream). then all these puppies came and starting licking me. My friend said that they needed a home and I remember thinking I wish I could help, but I didn’t know the first thing about fostering puppies and they were young enough that they needed expert care. Then I am back in my house and see a large black cat on my deck. I open the door and my own (real) black dog bolts after it. The cat leaps into a nearby tree where a second black cat is lounging, and my dog jumps as high as the roof to get it but she keeps missing the cats. When I go back inside I see two white boxes with an ASPCA logo on it and I realize in horror that I had forgotten about the puppies ( from the beginning of the dream) that I somehow now remembered saying I would care for them. I open the boxes and the puppies are lying side by side lifeless. I rub and try to warm them to get them moving. Some if them come back to life barely ( there’s a little light or indicator that there on that lights up if they’re alive. The last one ( named Almond) remains lifeless and the light shows that he’s dead, no matter how much I try to revive him. The rest of the half-alive puppies then start to appear half melted, like then had been frozen and were now thawing. Then I woke up.
The dream was pretty upsetting for me, and it took me a while to realize it wasn’t real. Does anyone have any ideas what it could possibly mean?!

-Tatiana Zeda 2012-08-12 15:27:01

I dream tonigth that i was in front of a beautiful beach and found a wounded baby whale. Is strange because she fits in a towel between my arms. I had a sense of protecting the whale and healing her, and i did i think, tehn she was okay.In other part of this same dream i was realising her into the deep ocean. I thougth i was helping her but later on in the dream i was followed constantly by a kid. It was a weird strange dream but, i was acompanied by a female friend, she never talk in my dream, we were chased by this kid,constantly, we knew in the dream that he was dangerous, We were on a big ship running from him, desperate and scared, we found a wooden door that opens from the floor, when we open it very fast, there was a huge dead anaconda and a dead whale. In the dream i was so surpised and disgusted that felt hate and anger for the kid, i felt when i was running from him that he killed the whale i rescued. Then i had the sense of not running anymore and facing him, i wanted to kill him, i started chasing him now but can never reach him. Then i woke up.

I dont know at all what it means, PLEASE HELP ME!

-Chloe 2012-04-28 0:51:58

I had a dream just last night that a baby rhino wondered into the yard at my dads house, while I happened to be there, and from then on, I began to take care of it. I loved the little thing and I remember so often in my dream feeling or thinking about how cute it is and how much I want to take care of it. And then at some stage, a baby husky also came into the yard. It didn’t look like most husky’s however, as it was much whiter than one would imagine a husky to be. So I started taking care of the husky, and again, I loved it, but not the same way i loved the rhino. While taking care of the husky for what seemed to be some time, I realized I had forgotten all about my rhino, and as I rushed back to find it, I discovered it was dirty, hardly able to get up, and clearly hadn’t eaten or drank anything for a while. I felt terrible, and fixed him up. After that I learned to take care of both my babies together.
I have no idea what any of this means. I know its an extremely long dream, and never before have I dreamed of anything like it. I’m 16, feeling a lot of pressure at school and having the typical drama between friends. Don’t know if any of this could be reflected in this dream…

-Stella 2012-04-16 18:02:01

I had a dream a few nights a go about caring for a baby kitten. I don’t recall the color, nor was it a major factor in the dream. I mothered this kitten like my own baby years ago. What I found curious about this little kitten is it refused to be held by anyone but myself. Near the end of my dream I realized this kitten was not what it appeared to be but a cross between some type of ant eater and cat. Then I woke up thinking, well that’s ok I still adore ‘it’.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-17 9:36:44

    Stella – The dream shows you the sort of love you have – for almost any young and helpless thing. I have the feeling that you have a lot of love to give, and maybe you could find a way to give it – it is, after all, a great gift.


-Tyler 2010-10-13 0:49:00

Well I just had a dream that I was a beach somewhere (it had to be up north somewhere in the Atlantic because there were cliffs around and I live in Florida and no cliffs here). Anyway a herd of adult elephants were walking past me in the water and a little baby was trailing behind and looked at me so I followed the herd and picked up the little baby elephant in my arms and carried him to the shore with me. Then I fed him (I actually remember this) parsley, carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce from a blue pail with a yellow handle. The sky was a pretty pink color like the sun was setting but there were some very dark grey clouds in the distance. So after playing with the elephant (which was about the size of a 1 year old baby I ran through the ocean to catch up with the herd to return him to his herd before the rain came. Then I woke up! He sure was cute though.

    -Tony Crisp 2010-10-19 10:23:24

    You seem to be a very happy dreamer Tyler; apart from those very dark clouds in the distance.

    An elephant in a dream can be a very significant symbol, indicating great strength. In India one of the Gods is Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. So caring for a baby elephant suggests you will continue this relationship as you age, and it will become an important power in your life. Remember it when you meet those dark clouds in your future. Maybe one day you will dream of riding the mature elephant, a very good feeling, directing all that strength.


-valerie 2010-09-12 3:26:17

last night i have a dream about saving a baby hippo,an orca, and a shark- from being drowned,wonder what’s the meaning

    -Tony Crisp 2010-09-18 11:39:07

    Valerie – It would have been helpful to know your age and what you feel about the creatures in your dream. And of course, in waking life you couldn’t drown an orca or a shark. Also a baby hippo spends lot of time under water.

    So I believe your dream is about those things that go on in you unconsciously, like growth, changes in your emotional age. That you saved them from drowning suggests almost something like ill health you are recovering from, or a recovery to do with your growth of what you realise about yourself. Obviously you have a caring nature to save the creatures. So ask yourself what you are caring for that was about to disappear from consciousness.


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