Can mean many things in dreams.

Walking or going backwards: Might indicate going backwards in age, so regressing or remembering your childhood. It might be you are reducing in importance or even in size in the dream.

Pulled backwards: By various influences such as sexual attraction, fear of going forward in life.

Backwards in time: This can be a way of feeling or seeing the influence of the past on us.

Example: I went backwards in time. It was England a hundred years ago. The scene was a gas works, the newly built, industrial England, very dull, soulless and material, but hard-working. The old buildings, machines, the past as a whole, were a millstone that was gradually making useless, or counteracting, all the work and productiveness. I saw all repairs on buildings being undertaken, and knew that although they looked impressive, they were valueless. Although it seemed terribly expensive, was to tear down the whole thing, and rebuild new.

In the example the dreamer is realising that the attitudes he had been raised in were so out of date he needed to rebuilt himself in a new image.

Car rolling or going backwards: The loss of energy or initiative to make positive changes in life. A feeling of losing status, or of ability to meet what faces one.

Falling backwards: Possibly fear of falling/failing. Maybe a way of getting you to lie down. Falling backwards can also be a sign of surrendering to the power of the highest in you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is causing my backward movement?

Does this link with the way I feel in my life at the moment?

Do I feel as if I am not making headway in life?

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-Fego 2016-06-08 11:47:18

I had a dream of my last name spelled backwards can some one help me to tellme what does that mean thanks.My last name is OCHOA

-Palmer 2014-11-26 6:32:29

I’ve been having dreams lately that the names of places and where they are are switched. For example, I live in bozeman Montana but my dream was bozeman is in CO. It’s just fact. And my high school Thomas Jefferson was in gunnison CO.
Everything is somehow backwards. Just wondering if anyone can debunk this?

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