Backyard Patio

This suggests a more private situation or feeling. It can also indicate intimacy, being less formal, surreptitious, or trying not to be noticed, therefore out of sight.

When it is something like a wall or fence in the yard, then it may refer to barriers such as feelings we have which act as social barriers, or feelings that get in the way of how we relate to people or situations. This could connect with such things as barriers or fears we have.

Example: I could see the goings on of that backyard world; cats roaming around, hummingbirds flitting about their nests in the bougainvillea, people out in the alley doing chores, the gardener or our apartment tenants going about their business, the stars in the deep of night. It was a bit of a voyeur’s world for me.

The backyard may also be a place where you can relax, dress how you like and do things you enjoy, or simple do nothing.

Example: At the bottom of the yard today, Down where the ground slopes Into the creek I sat near the great fir tees Listening to the breathless hush In which we each make our sounds And commit our movements. Looking up I saw the crows Flying with twigs in their beaks – Building their nests.

Patio: A patio is often a more carefully built or designed area. Also it can be at any level of the house or building. It often represent complete privacy, being apart from the outside world, relaxation. It also suggests an inner environment that is your comfortable way of being.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was I doing or seeing in the yard?

Is it my own yard or someone else’s yard?

What are my recent memories of the yard?

If I describe the dream yard what would I say – try Talking As.

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