Most dreams I see with mention of bacon are to do with being hungry and liking it to eat. But it can also suggest something, a food, that can keep for ages without going bad. Can also refer to supplies, earning a living.

The other references are to Francis Bacon and Roger Bacon. Francis Bacon is said by many to be the author of the  Shakespeare plays.

Idioms: bring home the bacon; save your bacon. See: food.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do you like and eat bacon?

What is happening in the dream with the bacon?

What are you feelings about it in the dream?

Try using Acting on your dream.


-Anna 2015-02-15 16:24:19

My fiance George’s step father Paul is in charge of the money in his relatinship with George’s mother. Last night, after making a good sum working Valentine’s day and talking to my fiance about my fears of money ( i.e. he’ll take advantage, we won’t have any saved if he spends it all on food and comic books) I had a dream I was baking bacon for Paul. I was also in a vast house like batman’s bat cave.

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