Bacteria Germs Virus

A hidden or invisible attack that may weaken or even destroy you – your confidence – in one way or another. They can also depict anxieties that undermine your health or attack your well-being; or feelings that keep you away from another person or situation – in case of infection.

The germ or virus can indicate fear of illness or feelings of inadequacy or a sense of uncleanness. Remember that nothing in a dream can hurt  you. Dream images and actions are all your fears, hopes, habits and wonders clothed in images. But of course if it is fear clothed in scary images, then it is wise to realise that running away and hiding can only encourage the fear. Better to face it. See victims; Facing Fear and also the example under prison.

In investigating virus intuitively, I saw that each different virus was such a packet of data or information, and that life had produced packets of data about the potential for almost anything. In other words, different viruses could have an infinite number of effects in one system. Some might produce a destructive response; others might produce a positive change in mind or body. They are the information base of life. They are the lumps of information other life forms take and use.

The main point of change for me lay in the feeling that a virus might have a very life enhancing effect, not simply a life destructive one as we are led to believe. At the end I felt I had made an agreement with life for myself, my family and Hyone, that our choice of ‘viral data’ was a life enhancing one. We had chosen to be on the side of life, and this would act as a way of choosing the packets of information we would need for our physical, mental and spiritual growth. We live in the midst of continual change. Part of our fundamental need is to change to meet the altering environment in which we exist. But without care we might choose a direction of change that becomes destructive.

The word germ is used extensively to suggest the beginning of something, the point from which great growth can occur, so if the dream does not suggest anxiety, there may be a positive connection with growth.

Bacterial warfare: The undermining of ones personal or social well-being by surreptitious means.


Computer virus: Being got at by another person; something surreptitious that you feel is or might attack or undermine your work. It could indicate something that is a destroyer of calm and pleasure, so energy that may be disruptive, but is like bundles of automatic functioning of some sort, depending on the dream. So the virus could also suggest unconscious responses in yourself that are destructive or undermine your conscious life. See habits.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What sort of influence do I feel or see the virus or bacteria having and how does that apply to me?

Am I experiencing an anxiety or fear that is undermining my health and activities?

Is there an influence I feel from someone else that triggers my own negative feelings or fear?

Being the Person or Thing might help you find out the meaning of your dream.

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