Our view of what is bad or good changes with each generation. It was thought so bad in the past to be born out of wedlock that people lived a life of shame. One woman who came to me could not even say the word ‘illegitimate’, it held too much emotion for her.

Here are some examples of its use in dreams.

Example: A man in the class said that he felt bad because he had few clothes on. There was an atmosphere of shame because of sex or the body, so I told him to put his shirt on.

Example: I had slept with the woman’s daughter and now she was going to have a baby. I didn’t seem to mind, and accepted the responsibility, and despite being married with a newborn baby, was going to bring up this baby, and maybe even have the mother living in. I realised that I had always thought/felt intercourse with animals was sinful and awful, but now saw nothing bad as I loved the cat.

Example: I was in a cinema with the children. We were sitting near the front on the right. The children were on my left. Beside me on my right was a man, a sort of incarnation of evil – lecherous – filth – devilishness. He leered at me and I believe I stared back. Next the man was on the stage. He was hanged by the neck, without, it seemed, any body, only his leering awful face at the end of the rope. I felt it was bad for the children and was going to get them out.

Bad used in a dream description will probably depend upon your own upbringing. So think carefully were the bad feeling comes from. Even killing someone although it is judge as universally bad, is legalised in warfare – whether national or business.

Something bad such as eggs or food refers to something that might be upsetting you, or that you are taking in rotten information or feelings. But as usual it depends on the context in the dream. See Context; evil; rotten.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the feeling or thought of badness about?

Is it something that is often troubling you?

Why did you see it as bad?

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