Bag Baggage

In some dreams it represents the vagina, and female sexuality in general. More often, as in example below, depicts the dreamer’s identity. Our sense of identity is often dependent largely on social contacts and recognition. The bag, especially handbag, with all one’s personal belongings and money, credit cards, represents our social ability to get places and cope.

The bag can also link with the ‘luggage’ of attitudes, chip on the shoulder, beliefs or fears we carry about in life. Or it can be the things we put away or hide from ourselves and others, therefore secrets, perhaps danger.

The dream bag might contain the personal skills or tools one has, or is carrying with you, such as a laptop, mobile/cell phone. Or it could connect with a holiday or getting away from work or home; freedom or the ability to move.

Another possibility is the association with protective attitudes, as when one might carry something precious in a bag – such as a baby, small animal or objects; secrets or what is hidden, so unpacking it may bring revelations or the unexpected; ones hopes or dreams.

Example: ‘I am in a strange town – usually where there are shops and lots of people. I don’t know where I am or how I got there, but I suddenly realise I have lost my handbag. I know no one and do not know what to do. When I panic I wake.’ Mrs R.

Mrs R. has obviously lost her feeling of who she is and her identity and confidence. So her bag link with all those things.

Bag of refuse: Desire, emotions, ideas you have discarded, or need to discard; rubbish being dumped on you by someone else.

Bag over ones head: Trying to hide, or feelings of fear or inadequacy; a cover up.

Body bag: Death or near death; loss of someone.

Emptying bag: Getting rid of attitudes or feelings one has been carrying about; unloading or looking at the thoughts and memories one has been ‘carrying’. Sometimes refers to leaving or dumping a lover.

Loss of bag: Loss of feelings of confidence, of the means to survive in the world; loss of something valuable; occasionally loss of child bearing function.

Packing bags: Planning to leave or make a change; wanting to get away; making changes; a journey; putting things in order; sorting out ones needs or priorities.

Sleeping bag: Powerful sexual symbol – i.e. sexual intercourse or a sexual partner – especially if linked with a partner; could also represent the feelings of being in the womb, or wanting to sleep alone; may occasionally have the same significance as a body bag.

Vacuum cleaner bag: The contents would suggest the rubbish you have picked up in your attempts to tidy up your life. It might also show stuff you have lost or been unaware of. Your attempts to improve yourself or your living situation.

Idioms: Bag and baggage; wind-bag; in the bag; pack one’s bag; punching bag.

See: Example in clothes; luggage; knapsack; suitcase.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What type of bag is it and what would you generally use it for?

Am I ‘carrying’ old attitudes or grudges?

Does the bag link with feelings about my identity or security – if so in what way?

What does the action in the dream add to my understanding of the bag?

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-SJ 2015-08-18 14:51:13

Last night I dreamt I had lost my blue bag… a lovely navy blue bag. I was eager to find the bag… After much searching I found the bag. The feeling was on one, yeah… well done you! I plucked it up – from amongst a pile of sumptuous throws and pillows (of autumnal browns, bronzes, red colours) and walked away. I then work up… feeling good…

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