A feeling of identifying with a particular group if the badge is connected with a group or organisation; memories, experiences, things learned with a group or organisation. The badge might suggested an attitude, depending what the badge is. It might suggest courage, authority (such as police badge) or social recognition, or a role; a sense of achievement; a reminder of values held or feelings that strengthen beliefs. This is meant in the way a person will wear a Christian cross or St. Christopher to remind them of their moral decisions or help bring confidence in the face of anxiety. But a badge worn in this way also means you readily show to others what you feel or believe. So it could be the revealing of love, beliefs or decisions made, depending on the badge.

The badge might also link with potential strength and feelings of authority, as one might have with a police badge; acknowledgement of attainment; if it is a name badge it most likely suggests your own sense of identity, or the identity you display to others – or who you feel yourself to be in the circumstance of the dream.

In some dreams the badge shows that you have now achieved a new status, as when you have passed a test or achieved a higher rank. The badge therefore lets others know what qualities you have, what skills you have, or what remarkable deeds you have done. The feathers of an American Indian brave would have a similar significance. See: feather.

Useful questions are:

Does the badge have words – if so what do they connect with in your life or thought?

What does this badge mean to me?

Does this represent an important quality or skill – if so what? Is it related to an organisation – if so what do I feel or associate about it?

What rank or achievement does the badge denote.


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