Party mood and maybe linking with feelings about something to celebrate. Breasts and perhaps connection with sex through similarity to condom; the womb.

Something that can appear large, colourful and growing, but is only full of air we blow into it – life we give it with our imagination and emotions – and can be burst and disappear suddenly like a bubble. In other words a big deal about nothing – a lot of hot air. But imagination eat creator.

If the balloon is mysterious and perhaps white or glowing, it can represent feelings about a dead person who has ‘floated away’ from physical life.

In some dreams it might show a feeling of being fat and blown up. Also the balloon might be linked with gaining attention, as with advertising balloons.

Balloons are much like bubbles, so see bubbles.

Deflated balloon: The power or emotion gone out of something; a lost dream or hope; feeling deflated.

Feeling you are blowing up like a balloon: This might link with an experience of being anaesthetised. Also it could suggest increasing tension and feeling you might be heading for a crisis, or even of pregnancy.

Hot air balloon: Escape; getting away from the everyday difficulties or routine; wonderful fantasy; a birds-eye view of life on the world; a lot of ‘hot air’ as in empty or boastful talk; floating away from being practical or grounded. The ascent in a balloon may show going up in the world or achievement; feeling light headed or ‘floaty’. Descent in the balloon may show coming ‘down to earth’ or a feeling of setback.

Airship or blimps: It may suggest a huge presence hovering over you. Unlike an airplane that has to keep moving the airship can stay in one place, and because of its immense size might be felt as uplifting or threatening.

Releasing a balloon: Hope; testing an idea or ideal to see where it takes you; letting go of something or someone; letting events decide the situation.

Something suspended by a balloon: Feelings of rising in the world or being in a good place, but lack of security.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the feeling surrounding the balloon, and how do you relate to those feelings?

What is the balloon being used for and what do you associate with that?

Is the balloon rising or descending, and does that relate to events in your life?

Try Being the Person or Thing to define the dream meaning.


-Lili 2015-11-20 6:10:09

I just woke up from a dream that I was in a high rise and my cat was in the window sill. As I was petting her she lost her balance and fell. I could hear her falling. I ended up walking around were the “crash ” was and instead found two deflated , beautiful, rainbow, large hot air balloons. I felt so sad. Weird thing is there was a small Batman figure on top of one of them . Scared the crap out of me!

-Alexandra Van Duyn 2015-02-17 19:01:03

I had a dream that
it was night
I was looking out my front picture window
I was looking at the dogwood tree and fence that are actually there
a few balloons came down slowly and hovered in place
silver and blue
I was scared by this dream when I woke
A week or two later, it had snowed
I walked outside and looked at my neighbors hill across the street covered in snow
out of nowhere down the hill came
a bunch of balloons hovering over the snow coming towards me – towards my driveway which would be the view I had in my dream
The balloons were silver and blue.
I soon found out that my aunt in England had died, my brother wrote me on facebook – silver and blue (if that is what you feel as well?)
My aunt was psychic as well – during that same time period I had experienced many things in two’s – a character or item in a movie I was watching would turn up in the next I watched. someone I met would have the same name as the next person I met.

Your thoughts please, thank you,

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