Bank Of River Canal

A barrier or safety measure – i.e. to stop the river flooding, so a way to deal with emotions and maybe block them or direct them. A place in the sun, or an exposed place. It could also relate to a difficulty to be overcome when trying to climb out of water or up the bank. Minor difficulty or obstruction; a boundary, such as the boundary of what you might permit sexually or creatively.

The river or canal bank not only contains, it also directs the flow of energy. So any features of its structure or shape would give an idea of what is being directed and how.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this a barrier to my progress or a safety feature in my dream?

Am I facing a barrier to my progress – if so what

Is this bank about the way my energies are being channelled?

Are there indications such as feelings, thoughts or obstacles to help me understand the dream?

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