Being baptised or witnessing a baptism could suggest a new influence entering your life, and a cleansing away old attitudes. Because baptism is a readiness to let a new influence into your life, it could show you opening to your inner possibilities, or to life pervading and healing you, or an influx of what had been latent or potential in the Self. So in that way a door to a new experience of yourself.

Sometimes it links with birth or experiences connected with your own birth, and is thus a re-connection of your conscious self with the deeper life-giving unconscious elements within you. And birth does not necessarily relate to being a baby, because we can be born many times, such a spiritual awakening. This may be allied with an experience of the old attitudes or way of life dying or passing away. See: compensation theory; religion and dreams; archetype of Christ.

Baptism in water: Relates more to the emotions and to inclinations arising from ones birth experience. In Christianity it connects with the recognition by the community of the identity of the baptised baby or person. It therefore suggests an entering into this fellowship or Christian community. As this cannot occur unless you have a sense of allegiance and good wishes toward the group you are joining, it points to a change of heart. See baptism as an ancient mystery.

In other cultures baptism has the meaning of cleansing away old attitudes, concepts and ways of life, to allow a new growth from within and from ones social contacts. In the Bible water is spoken of in a particular way. For instance – Their hearts melted and became as water. (Josh. 7.5.) Water was also used to wash with and, more important, to quench ones thirst. So baptism in water brings one in connection with being cleansed, being changed inside oneself, and having ones longings/thirst satisfied.

Baptism by fire: This still has the cleansing in it, but the experience may be more painful, more fierce, burning away the old material of ones personality through powerful passions or emotions.

Baptism in blood or wine/spirit: Blood and wine are often synonymous in dreams, and may depict being deeply immersed in experiences that link you with collective humanity. For instance we all meet certain experiences, such as ageing, and to know how your personal experience links you with millions of others is a form of baptism in blood. It also may mean that you inherit the work, attitudes, insights, left by millions of humans.

Baptism in energy or vibration: Sometimes individuals experience what feels like a force flowing through their body, causing it to vibrate or tremble. Accompanying this there is usually a feeling of great immersion in life, or connection with all life, or the mystery that lies within all life. Occasionally this immersion is known to be into a collective mind in which countless others exist. Of course this may be true of the other forms of baptism also.

In many cultures some form of water container stands in front of the temple. People either washed in this, or symbolically wash by dipping their hands in it. Such cleansing water can still be found just inside every Catholic Church, and outside Japanese Shinto temples.

It is possible that in general baptism represents a turning away from the ego centred, or child dependent and self centred life, toward that of becoming socially aware and wanting to be a caring and functional part of the group or society you live within. This turning around is often accompanied by the recognition of your deep links with ones culture, and the enormous debt you have to it for language and the formation of your identity. This does not go against the idea of a rebirth, or the opening to your deeper unconscious as proposed by Jung. Recognition of your cultural inheritance as it has worked in you unconsciously, is in itself the gaining of a new life, and is an access to a wider awareness. See: archetype of baptism.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I recently experienced an influx of new life or an opening to a deeper awareness?

Has there been a growing awareness of my links with humanity and life in general?

What am I aware of experiencing in connection with baptism in my dream?

Try using Acting on your dream to gain a fuller understanding, or Arm Circling Meditation to explore the experience of baptism.

See: Water; desert.


-Kay 2018-05-14 15:47:23

I had a dreamt that I was in my church’s baptismal pool. (that is where you get baptized). I got into the pool and then stepped to the side. The my mom walks into the pool. then I do the whole baptismal pool at my church.
the thing is that my mom is a Christian and so am I. I was wondering what this means

    -Tony Crisp 2018-05-15 8:50:02

    Kay – The real baptism and is when you are baptised by the spirit – as in Pentecost.

    Most people do not realise that in life and sleep we have two powerful actions working in us. The first is our waking experience based on having a body, its limitations, vulnerabilities and a particular gender. Our second is the power that gave us life and continues to express as spontaneous movement in dreams, in our breathing and heartbeat – our life. This I have given the description as the Life Will.

    While we sleep our conscious self is largely or totally unconscious, and while we sleep and dream our voluntary muscles are paralysed – therefore another will or motivating force moves our body. So we have a Conscious Will, and what I will call a Life Will. The first one we have experience of as we can move our arm or speak in everyday activities; but the second will takes over when we sleep.

    This Life will can move us to speak, can spontaneously move our body, and in fact do things that we cannot do with our Conscious Will, all that while we sleep and dream. As Freud pointed out this inner will has full access to our memories. It can do so many other things that are described else where – See

    So I see that in dreams you were baptised by what I call the Life Will, but Christians named The Holy Spirit. You were both blessed.


-Glynnis Jacobs 2016-07-25 8:12:10

Hi ,

I had a dream a month or two ago being baptise , was the best feeling i ever felt , a feeling of peace came over me , when my head went down in the water i open my eyes and asked God to forgive all my sins and i saw i bright white light shinning on me while my head came up . What does the dream mean .

-melissa cavazos 2015-10-28 17:01:16

I have had this dream 2 times . In my dream I was sitting in front of a young girl in white lace . Curly black hair . I don’t remember what she told me but she leaned towards me and blessed me. As she did that I saw she did not have a hand . But still I smiled and said thank you. She said looked at a man in a green robe and said something smiling . The the man in the robe blessed me . The Sign of the cross on for head . I looked back and saw a lady changing her baby into white like if being baptized. Then I look out and see a lot of babies. I woke up feeling peace ful and happy. My dad has always told me we have a gift and people us to laugh at him . He always said I can help people but I can’t help myself . Can you tell me what the dream means. My dad was not in the dream.

-Matt 2015-08-05 20:51:22

Hi, I dreamt being baptised in water in the sea by my senior pastor. Soon after being baptised in water, i felt like I was filled by the Holy spirit and out of the blue I just flew in the air like a bird. What does this dream mean? Plz help

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-09 13:26:19

    Dear Matt – I believe that your dream expresses that you are opening up to a wider awareness of life.
    When a dream enables us to go beyond the limitations of our personal memories, our learning, our body and our sense of what life is, it opens our spiritual life to us. The most profound of these experiences usually involve a sense of existing throughout all time – that at ones core exists a level of being that has always been, and is beyond the changes of life and death. Certainly one of the sources of the spiritual is that we have a sense of something, or an experience, that shows us a very different view of our life and the objective world than we usually arrive at through our sense impressions or our inherited cultural views. Common experiences of the spiritual are as follows:-
    •Tragedies in our life are suddenly seen from a much more inclusive view, or one’s personal situation is seen as a part of a continuing and cosmic process. This dignifies and integrates our life into a greater whole, and removes the sense of tragedy.
    •The spiritual might also be felt as experiencing our own wholeness. This meeting might be an encounter with Christ, or a holy being.
    •We experience ourselves as part of one great life, existing throughout time and space. We then see the variety of living creatures and inanimate matter are all manifestations of that one life. The oneness behind multiplicity is experienced as self-existent.
    •A great experience arises in us of the essential part of us streaming back throughout all time. Our personal life connects with all that has existed and all that will exist.
    •A realisation of oneself as being more than one’s thoughts, emotions and body sensations. This direct experience of being is called illumination and cannot be described as it is outside of the thinking process and its definitions.
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-mlu 2015-05-15 10:48:44

i dreamt being baptised in water,however they were two priest and had to choos one who then baptised me

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-16 8:50:25

    Dear mlu – Your IP number shows that you live in Swaziland. Swaziland is a largely religious society, with Christianity, and Swazi traditional religion being the most popular religions.
    Your dream suggests that you believe that you have to choose between these two “approaches of Being; approaches of Life”.
    Because our beliefs – often religion is mainly about what we believe – are the foundation for our inner world, I feel it will be helpful for you to explore if there is a third alternative, beyond the “either/or” approach.
    Fundamentally baptism means a change in the stance or condition of your inner attitudes. It means relinquishing fixed opinions and having an open mind. It means opening the doors of your being to new experiences, to new possibilities, pleasurable and painful. It means learning to love without bending others to your will, without grasping them for your own needs. It also means becoming a channel for that river of Life to flow through. This path does not dangle a carrot of eternal bliss, or the resolution of all human problems. “I come”, that flow of Life in us says, “not to bring peace, but a sword…. take up your cross and follow me.” What is offered is participation in everyday life and death in a new way. We can become workers in the vineyard – that is, co-workers with the processes of growth and evolution in the worlds of nature.
    With that in mind perhaps you can explore taking from each priest those beliefs that “resonate in your heart; in your Core” and release your own potential emerging from your core self?
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Andres 2014-08-30 23:35:09

My mother, my sister, and I were living together in our same old apartment in San Diego, we had live there for almost 14 years. I can’t remember the date of this event, Perhaps it was 2015? At the moment I didn’t had a bike nor a car I could drive my self in to work. It was almost dark and I had to find me a ride to work. As I walked through university avenue I had almost forgotten that one of my cousins lived by me, Kevin. I knew Kevin had a car and that he was there, he had recently graduated from some kind of school. I can’t recall from where?
I walked up to his house and notice that he was having dinner with almost all his family, his sister Paola, aunt Cristina, his grandmother, and some of his mothers family. I hesitated on knocking due to the fact that I did not want to interrupt that special moment, specially because of my need, which was a ride to work. I knew Kevin’s would be willing to take me, but I was to shy. As I looked thought the spring door and waited to decide weather I wait or make my way to work, I looked up at the sky and noticed that the moon should almost be at top. As I look down I notice one of my old friends Freddy’s and his family’s house was right next to my cousin Kevin’s house. I walked right in with out permission because I knew that they would not care, I was always welcome there, even after me and Freddy had stop talking for a long time. I didn’t see Freddy nor his sister or his mother, but there was Freddy’s father and younger brother joy. They were watching the news and I saw what was on TV, there was something unusual, not you’re a average news story.There was to appear the planet Jupiter right next to the moon that night, and was suppose to turn the moon into a color red. I thought to my self, There’s no way that could be possible, Jupiter is way to big to just come near the moon, so I thought. In my dream non of this made sense. I walked right out and stared at what it appeared to be a perhaps 100 time bigger that the moons size piece of rock, and thought,This is not the planet Jupiter…
The news was convincing the world that it was normal and harmless. And that it would be gone by the next day. I was scared to see such phenomenal. I felt frighten by this, and not so sure it was what they said on TV.

I approached Kevin’s house again but this time I had a bag of what it appeared to be marijuana, it had a lot. Like 3 pounds maybe. But I had no idea how it got into my hands?
Maybe Freddy’s dad had gave it to me or something? Kevin’s mom saw me outside their door, and said hi, asked if I needed something, I asked for Kevin, and so she called him over, she was busy serving her guest at the table. Kevin walked towards me and asked what was going on, I Immediately asked him for the ride to work. He say “of course I’ll take you to you’re job”, with no doubt he told me to get in his car, I was happy but in that moment aunt Cristina walked out and demanded the marijuana, I was not even conscious that I had that bad this whole time. I was like sure, she told me it was far to dangerous for us to drive with something like that. I handed to her and she placed it in one of her cars. As Kevin and I hoped in his car, this time it was a white BMW, although it was not newer but a bit older from inside, I was still amused that I got to go in his new vehicle. When we stepped in I sat down and threw my back pack onto the back seats. As we drove thought a narrow street full of trees everywhere, we were talking about what was going on with Jupiter and the moon. We were both scared. As we keep driving, there were trees all over even in the road. we kept driving right through them. Once we were almost at the highway, we were finally out of the road full of trees, and I looked up at the sky and saw what was a meteor shower, although this rocks where not bits of light, light years away. They were rocks the size of building passing right by and at tremendous speeds. Constantly passing through the sky’s of earth.
I asked Kevin, to ask his car if Google had any information about what was going on. He told me that the car was had a software that was corrupted, and was in fact rude to him, meaning it didn’t worked accurately, so he didn’t use it at all. In my head I thought this was not normal and something was about to impact the earth, and it wasn’t gonna be pretty. I asked Kevin to turn the car back and take us back home.

Then I remember an image where a rock no bigger than the others hit the earth, and everything shook. Buildings collapsed in a blink of an eye, and all I wanted was to get to my mother and my sister, I hurried up stair and shouted for them, “MOM, Perl!!!” They said no words in my dreams, all I remember what that our building was still in place and had not fallen as well as more other building I could see from my living rooms window. I remember not knowing what to do, but having a weight of fear in my head for gods mercy, I wasn’t ready to die in that precise moment, not yet I wasn’t ready and I keep praying to god every second every minute throughout the scenario, I had to be baptized before I die. It ran all over my head.

I brought my mom and my sister to the living room, and turned upside down our old couches and had them protected underneath them. As I stood out to protect them, there seemed to be a silence. No noise, not a single wind sound, or voice, that’s when it came to my mind. I had a felling that the airplanes that flew the sky’s that night where going to collapse. and so it began, I saw with my own eyes one aircraft crashed landed right I front of our street. All I heard then was explosions everywhere, metal hitting metal, flames rising, and the loud noise of airplane turbines. Unbelievably our apartment building was still standing. Nothing had hit, nor touched our building, And I begged god to forgive me for all my sins and begged for some time to get things staring in my life, and begged him to allow me to be baptized some how in that catastrophic scenario. When I felt something telling me, to have my mother baptize me. I quickly asked her to do it, and she pored some water from a plastic cup into my for-head, I felt the spirit of god filling my heart and my body, tears came out of my eyes like no other happiness has made my eyes cry. I fell on my knees and felt like something was not right, I needed some one else to do the baptism. I quickly ran out of my apartment and saw how the world was gone, everything that ever existed was in pieces and people who survived were running around like lost animals, all I wanted was to find a member of the church in which we grew up on. When I finally did found that brother from the church. I went on my knees and begged to be baptize he took out a container which seem to have some source of red liquid in it, and poured some in his right hand and placed it on my head, he then pray and as he did, my eyes were a fountains of tears, and I felt as if I was clean, he told me it had been done, that I was finally baptize.

In my dream I don’t remember the brothers face or name, nor who he was, I just knew it was him who I had to look for. I felt blessed and I thanks him, in desperation to be saved, and for saving my family I ran to my apartment, I saw panic, people running and I remember there was not a lot of people who had survive. But all they seem to be worried about, was about the food they could take from the grocery stores to live, when suddenly out of the no where this piece of suck in-vacuum was vanishing left over buildings and houses, it was something I had never seen in my life before. It was as if it had been man made, or from some other world, technology never seen before by the human eye. It would just dissolve matter.
Scared that my apartment would be next I sat next to my family crying and praying to go. To save us from this nightmare scenario. I then went away, the vacuum was gone, people were talking and asking what it was. Our building still standing. When suddenly some kind of demolishing machines In shapes of six leg spiders where passing bye, destroying very reminding standing buildings, there’s was no more we could do for the apartment and our sake, as one of them passed through, the building collapsed and I lost conscious. I woke up few hours later and the light of the sun was bright, I got up and my sister, and my mother where gone. I had no idea where they where. All I knew is that they were gone from my life, I burst into tears like no other pain I’ve in my life. I was alive, I had survive, and there was nothing left, al there was across every where I turn was pieces of wood, and mud.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-01 7:49:21

    Andres – This is a very vivid and detailed ‘end of the world’ dream.

    Certainties that the world was ending have been experienced by humans since the beginnings of their history. Looked at from the point of view that dream images represent our own life and feelings in some way, the end of the world, and the fears that go with it, depict the powerful and threatening inner and outer changes that accompany major transitions. The transition from childhood to adolescence for instance is the end of the world that existed for the whole lifetime of the individual up until that point. Feeling you are alone in the world all point to such transitions that occur several times in the life of anyone who dares to grow and adapt. Menopause for women, the leaving home of children, the loss of a job, retirement, can all be represented by the end of the world – or a world. Please read

    Your dream is probably caused by great changes occurring to you or in your surroundings. So really we face the end of our world – considering that if you were unconscious there would be no world, then the world that would end is your consciousness of it.

    But there are other features of your dream apart from the world you know falling apart – the huge planets and rocks are also suggested of major changes coming to you from within you. Also there is the facing of death which is another great thing to meet.

    Your baptism is very important part of your dream because you experienced the holy spirit fill you – another great change occurring in you. You doubted that your mother could properly baptize you, but that is not so. Your mother loved you, and it is the power of love that is the real source of baptism, not the church.

    The end of your dream, the great vacuum is an initiation into the mystery of God. You met the nothingness that is in fact everything. In it all things dissolve and all that is left is you. If you wish to enter more fully in understanding your dream please use

    I believe that what you experienced in your dream is a turning point in your life, a great event, and can lead to many new things.


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