(If metal or other rigid material – For bar/pub see bar room.) Strength; male sexuality; rigidness; an expression of aggression. It can represent energy or be a symbol of power, or a lever to shift obstacles. Sometimes it is an extension, barrier, fastening or support, or to can be a play on word suggesting the banning or exclusion of something, or an impediment; a means of discouragement, whether used as a weapon or as a physical barrier.

Exercise bar: Comment on your fitness, or what your body needs to get fit.

If barring way: Obstacle; block against your self expression.

Metal bar: Weapon; defensiveness; aggressiveness or anger; strength; penis.

Sand-bar: Safe place to stand out of the water – emotion; possible danger if in a boat – or a place to land, i.e. make a change, possibly from drifting in life or feelings.

What we do with the bar: How we are expressing energy or power at that time.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is being done with the bar, and what meaning or feeling do you attach to that?

Does the bar have strength or is it lacking power – and is that feeling apparent in your life at any time?

What do you feel if you imagine holding the bar in your hands?

Try using Talking As if you are uncertain of the meaning in your dream.

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