Bar Room Pub

What happens in the bar may indicate how you relate to social relationships at a basic level. A public bar can either represent the sense of pleasure, love of company and entertainment, or sometimes the place where you experience changes in yourself – i.e. influence of alcohol or spirit. Often indicates how you relate to groups, or relaxation – or conflict – with friends and others. The meaning depends on the action and relationships occurring in the dream. There may therefore be signs of aggressiveness or defensiveness. It can also indicate your feelings about society, or exploring ideas or feelings, as one might in a communicative atmosphere in a bar.

It can be about your hopes, fears or expectations in regard to finding a sexual partner. Therefore the meaning might be about the meeting or avoiding of the complexities of relationship, gathering information or realising things unconsciously gathered.

The bar-room can be about difficulties regarding alcohol; your technique for avoiding confrontation with loneliness, anxiety, sense of failure, etc. See  Alcohol.


Idioms: Prop up the bar; colour bar; barring the way.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is taking place in the bar and how does that relate to me?

If there are difficulties what are they?

What is the essential dynamic of the relationships in the bar?

See Easy Dream Interpretation; Stand in role.

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