Pull Pulled Pulling

Doing something about a situation; positive action or expression of will. Through effort we can pull a memory back to awareness or pull something out of the unknown within us through a creative action. Also you can pull someone or something out from its hiding place.

A great deal of the words pull and pulling are connected with human issues like ‘pull yourself together’ – ‘pull together’ – ‘pull apart’ ‘pull all the stops out’ – and ‘pulling out’.

Being pulled: Being influenced by someone or something else; being pulled by your emotions – perhaps attracted to someone; going along with something – as when ‘going with the flow’.

Pulled against ones will: Being influenced by aspects of your nature that you feel at odds with; influenced by someone else against ones own inclinations.

Idioms: Have pull; pull away; pull back; pull ones socks up; pull out; pull through; pull together; pull something off; pull strings; pull the women; pull together; pull up ones roots; pull rank; pulled over; pulled up: pulling it down; pulling out;.


Useful questions or hints:

Do I ever feel I am coerced or pull in a direction or by someone else?

What was being pulled the dream?

Was the pull a help or something you resisted?

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-Phy 2018-03-31 20:01:30

What about the meaning of me pullIng something In the dream. like winnIng a tug of war, or just pullIng something further than expected.

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