Barber Hairdresser

Change of attitudes, thoughts or opinions about oneself. Because we can change our social appearance by a haircut or style, it depicts changes of mind, change of image. Therefore being in someone else’s hands – the barber or hairdresser – shows the influence someone else might have on the changes we make in our life.

In some dreams there appears to be a lot of anxiety or fear surrounding the barber dream.

Sometimes having a hair cut can mean you are getting rid of so much thinking. In that way your inner life has a chance to open more. The hair and dealing with it can point to the way we deal with our thinking, controlling it, or allowing it to be out of control. Our thoughts can build up to become labyrinths we lose ourselves in, or terrifying scenes of fear we torture ourselves with. So sometimes our dreams point out what we are doing in that way, and perhaps how quieting or surrendering our thinking can open us to a transforming influence.  And usually, while you are having a hair cut you are looking in a mirror. This is the gift of reflection, the ability to see your Self. The image you see might not be to your liking, but is a true reflection of you, warts and all. See: HairRoles.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If my hair has been changes, what changes in my attitude or image am I going through?

Is my thinking needing to be changed or quietened?

What are the changes going on in my life at present?

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-Recovery 2014-12-20 0:14:31

Tony… I had a disturbing dream regarding my former hairdresser. I dream’t I was in his home for some reason and he was rubbing him self against my rear end fully clothed until he ejaculated. I excused my self, and used the rest room to wash off the the contents on my pants. The hairdresser informed me, he had company coming over and for me to leave. As I was there his company started to arrive. I believe all woman. They were drinking and socializing. I remember one person going to the piano, and singing a song , I knew but I am unable to remember the song.

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