Bar Room/Pub

What happens in the bar may indicate how you relate to social relationships at a basic level. A public bar can either represent the sense of pleasure, love of company and entertainment, or sometimes the place where you experience changes in yourself – i.e. influence of alcohol or spirit. Often indicates how you relate to groups, or relaxation – or conflict – with friends and others. The meaning depends on the action and relationships occurring in the dream. There may therefore be signs of aggressiveness or defensiveness. It can also indicate your feelings about society, or exploring ideas or feelings, as one might in a communicative atmosphere in a bar.

It can be about your hopes, fears or expectations in regard to finding a sexual partner. Therefore the meaning might be about the meeting or avoiding of the complexities of relationship, gathering information or realising things unconsciously gathered.

The bar-room can be about difficulties regarding alcohol; your technique for avoiding confrontation with loneliness, anxiety, sense of failure, etc.  See: Alcohol.


Idioms: Prop up the bar; colour bar; barring the way.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is taking place in the bar and how does that relate to me?

If there are difficulties what are they?

What is the essential dynamic of the relationships in the bar?

See Easy Dream Interpretation.


-Alex 2018-06-25 0:40:48


Things seem to be getting more specific with my dreams, although there are times that I feel as though healing is super slow.

So this last dream involved me in what I believe to be a bar/pub setting and we were getting ready to order drinks. My friend is ordering a drink, and I order two. Following this order the dream skipped forward in time, some time had passed and I’d asked others what had happened. Like I’d blacked out or something. They told me that I had witnessed something so terrifying that it never registered as a memory. That I had blocked it out. I had the sense in the dream that everyone had known what had happened expect me. I believe there was a crime committed in which I was going to be testifying as a witness. Something along those lines, but I wasn’t able to access the information/what had happened. The primary theme was that I was a witness to something that overwhelmed me so much that I had amnesia and couldn’t recall what had happened. That I’d blacked out from how horrifying it was.


    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-26 11:10:10

    Alex – A fascinating dream.
    This is a ploy that dreams sometimes use because our poor personality, our ego has not had the ego strength face what was experienced. Such things probably happened at an early age when you were too young to meet such emotions or trauma.

    I quote an example, because I had no idea of what caused my feelings, t was experienced when I was an age when I could face and understand.
    Example: When I spoke as the new born baby of my dream I really felt as if this was me, newly born. I had had a difficult birth and my reaction was that I wanted nothing to do with life. I wanted to stay curled up like an egg, not getting involved in the exterior world.

    The adult me observing this could see how this aspect of my inner life had led me to be withdrawn from social activity all my life, so I explained this to the baby me, saying – I need you to be ready to meet the world. You are a part of me and if you continue to withdraw I lack the enthusiasm to get involved with other people. Back as the baby I felt totally vulnerable and didn’t want to take any risks – “No I don’t want to come out of the egg.”

    As the adult again I said – Look, if you remain curled up this is more of a gamble than actually getting out and taking risks in life. Just lying there anything can get you. I had recently seen a film about baby turtles hatching and rushing to the sea. Some of them got eaten by seagulls, but the faster they were the less likely to be caught. So I explained this to the baby me. As the baby this really got to me. I felt a change in me and a readiness to begin the journey of meeting life outside the womb. This change really made a difference to my everyday activities. A lifelong habit of being introverted gradually dropped away. T

    Here is another one.
    I discovered that the wonder found in the following description is everywhere and in everything. But if you are locked in seeing everything in pigeon holes of definition and words you may not be able to share the wonder.
    “Today while going downstairs to the toilet I looked in the large bedroom and saw my cat on the bed. The sight filled me with joy and also wonder. And as I went downstairs I asked myself what caused such a deep feeling of wonder – where does it come from?
    Then it seemed that a voice inside me said, “Listen, what happened was that when you were born you born prematurely and were so tiny and helpless, so vulnerable something happened to you. You were dying and yet were alive. Somehow you got strung between two worlds, the world of death and the world of life and the body. In that condition something entered you, something that doesn’t happen usually. You saw or experience the world beyond death, not in images or even in distinct memories. Yet it entered you and remained like a fragrance in your life that has guided your whole life; in fact it adds the sense of wonder to everyday life, such seeing a flower growing from a dusty littered strewn highway. It was a wonder that is only now being recognised and felt and will slowly grow.”
    To meet such feelings you need to learn certain skills such as the ‘virgin mind’ one not locked in preconceptions or the keyboard condition.

    These are and also

      -Alex 2018-06-27 3:06:54


      Thank you for sharing.. I’ve been working with the various spontaneous movement exercises you’ve been sharing as well as somatic experiencing with someone who trained under Peter Levine. There are times where I’m filled with doubt with what I’m pursuing, but at the same time a part of me has faith that it’s necessary and can bring about resolution of my symptoms.

      I’ll continue to share dreams as they arise if you don’t mind. It’s my hope that others can be inspired to heal with what I share, just as I have been inspired with your own journey.


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