In past cultures beans were believed to connect the human soul to forces of the earth, and to the spirits of the dead – in other words to transfer your awareness to another realm.

For many of us beans link with a basic form of diet and sustenance, suggesting ordinary everyday life, suggesting ordinary everyday life and satisfied hunger.

A growing bean or beans suggest something that has a lot of growth potential and can also fulfill your needs. And a harvest of beans could mean that you are providing your and your family’s needs.

“Beans have been sacred food offered in rituals to feed and propitiate the dead. The Greeks considered beans to be symbols of transmigration of the soul and immortality. Beans also are believed to have magical properties, and have been used in exorcism rites to banish unwanted ghosts and spirits from homes. These underworld associations link beans in dreams to the unconscious”. Quoted from Dream Encylopedia.

The slang word ‘beaners’ suggests someone or something illegal or not wanted entering your life. See: food

There are coffee beans and cacao beans also, both of them powerful stimulants and enemies of sleep. In your dream they could link with the ability of awareness and stimulation of thoughts.

To quote from Our Dreaming Mind by Robert Van de Castle, “Cuna Indians, particularly with their neles, who serve as dream interpreters, physicians, and also oral historians. In fact, their cosmology presents a perfect set of metaphors for the multilayered nature of dreams. The Cunas believe there are eight levels of reality or existence beneath the surface of the land on which they live. One could thus vertically descend through eight levels of kalus, or kingdoms beneath the ground, to discover the source of certain dreams. I have observed neles inhaling cocoa bean smoke in their attempts to descend to these deeper “kalus, with the aid of their wooden nuchu dolls, which acted as assistants on their underground journeys.

Idioms: full of beans; spill the beans; a hill of beans; bean pole; cool beans; row of beans; string beans.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does my dream suggest this is to do with basic ordinary life – if so what is it about?

If the bean(s) are growing, what do I feel?

Is there something magical about the beans and if so what?

Use Simple Dream Interpretation and Talking As.


-Fisayo 2017-07-01 7:50:11

I dreamt about playing with a child of whose mother came to complain about her understanding of a product, which we explained.
After that I was hungry, and saw beans in a big basin beside a church. I asked for permission to take from it then I then see myself taking palm fronds to join a ceremony in my family and to decorate their. After dancing we all sat down, then the child located me again and we played…..

-Day 2017-01-19 4:28:48

I dreamt I was being chased by some people and made my way to my boyfriends home that’s a police officer, once there, he was lying on a bed, not one within his home, and his mom walked into the room and started throwing clear plastic bags at me, inside the bags were more bags of various frozen beans, I was confused as to why she was giving me so much beans as well as different beans. All the beans were frozen and the colors were from a form of brown to a green/grey shade. One bag had beans and a few hair brushes in it, my boyfriend opened it and took out the brush saying he needed one like it.I was confused the whole time and woke up after he took the hair brush.

-scouchie 2016-11-05 1:16:24

i dreamt me & my boyfriend was eating red bean together. what does this implies? we we’re both actually enjoying eating the red so eager to know its meaning.. thank you..

-oladipupo 2016-09-15 7:09:32

I dreamt of cooked beans and someone who is dead in my family served it for me and later used spoon to take part of it away and I collected it from her ..

And as am about to eat it , I take a spoon and later spilt it out of my mouth

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-15 8:21:10

    Oladipupo – A dead member of family serving beans represents them attempting to give you something to help you in some way. But spitting them out sounds as if you didn’t like what was offered.

    What are your feelings about the relative? If you imagine eating the food again and observing what you feel as you do it you might learn more.


      -scouchie 2016-11-05 1:14:00

      i dreamt me & my boyfriend was eating red bean together. what does this implies? we we’re both actually enjoying eating the red so eager to know its meaning.. thank you..

-pradip gadal 2016-08-12 0:27:06

I saw a dream of snake coming towards me and I ran away from their what does it mean

-Angelina 2016-04-13 12:39:40

I dreamt our neighbour gave my husband a bag full of white beans which were soaking in water to get them ready for planting. When i saw them they were beautiful however, i didnt want to plant them all i wanted to save some for the next planting season. Thanks

-April 2016-02-07 2:48:01

I had a dream of eating a black bean skin separated in my mouth and then I could feel the meatiness of the bean. I had not every had a dream of this kind before. I was looking online and to see that it means something was a mind blower. Thank you having this information available. I only which that it had a little more information about eating the bean.

-emmanuel 2014-11-06 17:13:32

I dreamt that I was in a travelling bus fully dressed with clothes I never heard in the real life then I suddenly noticed my cousin by name blessing beside me and I found myself telling him that I will stop at his place to eat beans and I was assuring him that I was sure about me stopping by to eat beans and I did stop with and I woke up.

-Ana 2014-11-01 11:17:31

I dreamt I was in a monastry garden the the ground was covered with coffee beans and golden nut shells, I knew the shells had contained the coffee beans. I picked a handful of both the beans and shells and ate the beans they tasted very nice. What could my dream possibly mean?

-Yvonne 2014-01-18 19:39:57

I dreamed my first boyfriend who died several years ago was in prison and he was asking me to harvest beans for him from the prison garden. He said if I didn’t, he would starve. I didn’t harvest the beans. I felt afraid to harvest and also knew he was trying to manipulate me. I could see lots of big healthy beans on this plant.

-Holly 2013-10-27 12:29:28

What if in my dream, I find a painful splinter in my toe and when I pull it, it turns out to be a green bean that’s somehow got stuck in my foot as a splinter would?

    -Tony Crisp 2013-10-28 9:18:17

    Holly – I get the impression that something has been troubling you about your confidence in yourself or your self worth. It felt as if it was a problem to you, but what was a pain can turn into a seed of a new idea – which if you cultivate it can be really nourish you. See


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