Beating or Beaten Up

This is usually about your own difficult or angry feelings giving you a hard time. The saying, “Don’t beat yourself up’ is an excellent description of this. Sometimes the action of being beaten up occurs because we do not express or deal with the feelings in any way, or do anything to change our situation.

Here is an example of this:

Example: I dreamt I was attacked by two older youths who beat me up. I was left stunned and felt vulnerable.

On helping the man, now in his forties, to explore the dream, he found it difficult because he kept looking for a memory of being attacked by two youths when he was 13. He even asked his father if he had any memory of it. But it gradually came to him that there was something he was hiding from himself. It was that at thirteen he had an experience that terrified him and led to him stopping any sexual flow. As he realised this he wept as he saw how he had turned that enormous flow of energy back upon himself like an attack, an attack that destroyed the beauty of his proper youthful flowering. He remembered how, at the time he felt a great deal of anger, but it had turned inwards. Therefore he had dreamt of being beaten by youths.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I remember that my dream is not a prediction or a memory of a past event, what can I see happening in myself?

If I remember the feelings in the dream and then see if I can recall any such feeling in the past, what do I end with?

Can I accept that I can or have beaten myself up by blocking my growth and energy?

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-pare 2016-05-05 13:21:58

I had a dream about a this guy (i know him) and i had just came from somewhere went into a room and he was there , we layed on the bed then he started to beat me up. What does this mean?

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