Became Become Becoming

This suggests a transformation. But maybe you haven’t achieved it or manifested it. This might be because you are  in a ‘because factor’. In many dreams something happens, fails to happen, or appears, because! For instance, trapped in a room you find a door to escape through. All is dark beyond and you do not go through the door ‘because’ you are frightened of the dark. In this case the because factor is fear. If this were your dream it would suggest you are trapped in an unsatisfying life situation through fear of opportunity or the unknown. Understanding the because factor can help you become aware of what is holding you back, or aiding your progress in waking life. So are you in a because factor and what is it?

Our inner radiance constantly tries to show us how to become whole, but becoming whole may take strength, surrender and trust. It may need us to face our own darkness and failings.

But we can become many things, like victims of our own fears or become sick in our soul, or even become a monk. So it is important to define what the message of the dream is. See main action in the dream.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What have I become or am I becoming?

Or what is becoming or has become – and what relevance does that have to me?

If it is a negative situation you can begin to change it by using carry the dream forward.

See Dream Yoga for some useful tips.

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