Beautiful Beauty

A sense of beauty in a dream usually shows a feeling of harmony within oneself, a feelings of self value or being or feeling a part of society and life. Whatever it is in the dream that stimulates the feeling of beauty probably links you with great depths within yourself. If explored the wisdom or knowledge these depths hold becomes clearer. See: peer dream work; emotions and mood.

Feelings of beauty appear again and again in a multitude of dream places and situations. It takes some dream work to uncover this beauty that lies within us. It doesn’t matter what you look like physically for you are beautiful at your core. It is like dusting the sand and dust off of the beauty that lies beneath.

Here are some examples of people meeting their beauty.

Example: Totally without egotism but with deep satisfaction, I stated repeatedly, ‘I’m beautiful. No one else thinks so, but I really am.’’ Such feelings of admiration and awareness of beauty about oneself are often more direct, and arise as a sense of enormous appreciation of what has been achieved or met in your life. The admiration often results in feelings of love for yourself, which is very healing.

Example: Have I betrayed any?

Then I have betrayed Death.
And its face is beauty
For it is all things –
Undressed of flesh.

Example: Then together we lifted off into the air in flight, and in front of the children performing the play we did the most beautiful and colourful aero acrobatics. As we did these we were able to produce coloured lights flowing from us. Then in the end I created a great ball of coloured light that I broke into angels flying in the air and descending to touch the watchers. Then again into the ball which shattered into tens of thousands of coloured and shining pieces that gently fell like snowflakes touching those watching and disappearing into them sharing the wonder and beauty I felt flowing through me.

In this way you discover the awareness of the Core or God part of you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I realising or understanding from the felt beauty?

Is this in relationship with someone I know – if so what does this add to my feelings or knowledge of them?

Can I open to this beauty or is it threatening?

Try entering into your dream by using Acting on your dream.


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