The degree to which we identify with, feel connected with, and perhaps even defined by our belongings, is clear to see when they are either stolen, or abused by someone else. Belongings may therefore represent a number of thing such as the way of life you have managed to attain; the pleasure you get; your interests and absorptions; your connection and affections for other people if the belonging was given to you by someone else, or has links with them; the various inner needs, attitudes and hopes you have.

Therefore any struggle to get what belongs to you probably links with your personal attempts to maintain your identity or what you want or believe against someone else or social pressure.

Another aspect of belongings is reflected by the fact that if living in someone else’s house or on holiday, we may feel somewhat lost without the things we have at home to work/entertain/learn with. So belongings may depict our own urges, enthusiasms and needs.

The loss of belongings: The meaning is usually shown in the dream by what you feel about their loss. In the first example below P. feels sad. So the lens depicts feelings of pleasure or ability which he has now lost and feels sad about.

Example: I start gathering my belongings, but discover my camera lens is missing (not the camera, but just the lens). I feel very sad. I ask if anyone has seen it and someone gives me one, but it doesn’t seem to be the same. It seems older, more worn. P.

Example: I go on holiday and on the last day find myself a long way from the hotel in which I am staying. I realise I have not packed the things in my hotel room prior to leaving. Everything seems to happen to interfere with my return. When I eventually get back I find my belongings in disarray and other guests have already taken possession. D. G.

Something that belongs to someone else: This is most likely indicating something you have absorbed, learned or accepted from the person indicated in the dream. It might be something put on you against your own desires.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Who does this belong to – if myself is it something I acknowledge as mine?

If this belongs to someone else how does it connect me with them?

Are these things I had forgotten I owned – if so why are they relevant now?

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