The feeling of being accepted or belonging, whether within a family group, a social group or in ones culture is of deep importance to our emotional health. Where a dream portrays this in any way, it is worth defining what is being said by the dream. The lack of a feeling of belonging often develops into intense feeling of rejection of or withdrawal from social contact or in relationship.  See: abandoned; archetype of the outcast.

In some dream the word ‘belong’ is used in relationship with objects that belong, or do not belong in a certain place or situation; or they belong to another time or situation in your life, etc. In such dreams you need to consider how the object or person relates to you in the present and why you are meeting that at the moment.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In my dream do I feel part of what is happening or an outsider?

If I feel left out where can I remember this feeling in the past?

What is helping me feel connected, or causing me to feel excluded?

Try using Easy Dream Interpretation to gain more insight.


-Bernice sturgess 2016-11-15 14:01:04

My daughter had a bad dream and saw Latin writing on the wall but could only make out the word elo with a smile in front of it.what does that mean?

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