Very much depends on what the dream portrays. If they are poisonous for instance, then it suggests the realisation of possible contact with something that might poison your mind or feelings with fears or disturbing thoughts. This might even apply to food you are eating or allergic to.

If healthy, then the contact with possibly useful or nourishing experiences.

Berries can also suggest fruitfulness or ripeness. As berries are seasonal there may at times be a link with coming into season, or even with menstruation.  See: Food.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I eating these, and if so what do I feel their effect is?

Is the dream showing the berries are ready to harvest – if so what is ripe in my life now?

If I am seeing these as harmful, what associations do I have with these berries?

Use Peer Dream Method to explore your dream.


-Rhi 2017-01-02 0:36:38

I had a dream that i was in a kitchen sticking blackberries on to a pig (as though it was going to be a roast pork) but then the pig was alive and sitting on the plate like a puppy and i wanted to keep it as a pet.

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