If it is a belt such as on a car or machine, it depicts how power or energy is being directed or used. So problems with the belt would suggest that ones powerful drives such as ambition, sexuality, desire for acclaim, are meeting with conflicts or obstructions etc.

Seat belt: This has to do with restraint and feelings of safety in emergencies. So not fixing it could be to do with feelings that you are not taking enough care in situations or relationships, or else you want to avoid social restraints.

If a clothing belt: Often tightly restrained sexuality or emotions, or protectiveness or support. Taking it off might therefore suggest relaxing or giving yourself more freedom or naturalness. It could also be something to do with you attractiveness, or wanting to look more attractive.

A man’s belt: Is largely functional to keep trousers up, so might suggest feelings about sexuality or restraining it – taking it off the reverse. But some belts are for carrying tools or equipment, so might associate with skills or abilities you have developed.

If you have been punished with a belt in the past: Then it could have direct links with those events or feelings.

Particular types of belt: Like a cowboy belt, or a fancy decorated belt would have a connection with how you felt about the belt while wearing it.

If it is an ornamental or dress belt: Indicates your feelings about it and that will be the key to its meaning.

Conveyor belt: Something automatic going in a particular direction or purpose. Obviously the belt doubles back on itself in a non ending circle. If you are on it maybe it is an easy way to get somewhere – but where does it lead in your dream.

Idioms: Belt up; tighten one’s belt; belt you; grain belt; ; had a belt; tighten our belts; under my belt.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What function does this belt have – is it decorative, practical, protective or to carry equipment?

What function is this belt playing, and can I identify with or understand that?

What is the condition of this belt and what is it driving or linked with?

Can I feel this energy or drive in myself?

Is this a belt I own – if so what feelings or associations do I have with it?

What action is occurring in connection with the belt?

What feelings are there about the belt.

Using the Simple Dream Interpretation can help. Or see Secrets of Power Dreaming

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