Strength or ones sense of being capable.

Because biceps are the strength of the arms they, as the arms, are the strength that flows into to your ability to love, give, take, create, defend, reach out. Our arms, especially the arm we use most, can also represent all the struggle and effort we have put into life, what we have given and taken, what skills we have learned or created in the work and labour of life. See: Body; arm.

Injury the bicep: If it is the hand you use most it is your confidence and ability to act in the world, to work and create. If the non-dominant bicep, is probably you ability to support what you do that is injured, your confidence that supports the action. See Left; Right.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part does the bicep play in my dream?

Do I feel weak or strong in my ability to hold, love and create?

What do I associate with the bicep when I think of it?

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