Bicycle Cycling

Personal effort or motivation which gets you somewhere. For many people a bicycle was their first experience of mastering a body skill and gaining greater freedom. In your dream it might therefore represent youthful freedom or enthusiasm without responsibilities, the perseverance and confidence to master a skill, mental balance – confidence – which enables one to achieve ones goals. It could mean facing dangers in learning a skill or confidence or even adolescent sexuality.

Cycling can also refer to the cycles of feeling or mood we pass through. So it can imply that one is experiencing a cycle which you may be trapped in. The way to get out of this cycle is to step back from it using observation, this is like stepping back and not be lost in the emotions or moods. See self-observation and letting things happen

Bicycle race or riding with many other people: Dreams often use this scenario to represent an overall view of your situation in life. It shows how you feel about your place in the human race, whether life is a struggle or pleasure, etc. See: race.

Falling off bike: Losing balance – losing confidence; awkwardness; vulnerability. This could also suggest a problem occurring in your chosen direction, a failure of your energy or ability to achieve.

Flying on bike: The magic of believing in yourself and therefore being able to achieve things that would otherwise be seen as impossible.

Pump: This often seems to link with sex or masturbation as in example.

Example: We walked a bit further and came to a hut beside the road. we laid down behind the hut in some long grass to make love but suddenly I saw a snake and jumped up. It turned out to be only a bicycle pump but by now we were aware of other people nearby and the moment had gone.

The snake and pump in this dream are obvious links with sexual desire.

Riding a bicycle downhill: Taking or facing a risk; being daring; need for care. It might also suggest ‘going downhill’ in the sense of losing advantage, losing the ‘high ground’.

Stolen bicycle: If you are using the stolen bicycle, it suggests a feeling of needing someone else’s skills or confidence’ of not having developed your own initiative or life skills. If you have had your bicycle stolen, then it is a feeling of losing your ability to get on through your own efforts; loss of enthusiasm or confidence.

Example: I was walking up a hill pushing a bicycle. Several other people went by riding theirs but that didn’t worry me. I went on up the hill and could only gasp in wonderment when I got to the top – I could see for miles and everything was in the most wonderful colours you could ever imagine. My first thought was ‘How wonderful God is to create such a beautiful world for us.’ I thanked him then and there. I thought ‘I wonder if it is like this behind me?’ as I looked around, right up close to me was what seemed like a huge black wall. As I looked along the wall, right at the end the marvellous view started, this continued round to the side of me and in the huge expanse in front. I can’t remember any road or pathway going down the hill, onwards. Muriel M.

Muriel’s dream presents what she feels about life when she sees it as a whole. The bicycle and her relationship with others illustrates that she doesn’t see herself achieving as much as others, but this does not perturb her, or rob her of her wonder at life. The black wall suggests that the past, the territory she has already covered, is now gone and only what she lives and creates in this moment is before her.

Example: I am in a bicycle race with many other people. I come to a very long hill. It is difficult and I have to push my bicycle. It takes me until midday. When at the top I meet a lot of family. Then I cycle on, realising that because the road is flat, I can go much further before nightfall than I covered in the morning. Anthony.

Anthony was in his late forties at the time of the dream. It shows him feeling as if the first half of his life has been a long difficult climb. His assessment or intuition of the second half of his life is that it will achieve much more, or cover more ground and he will have more human and warm relationships, represented by his family. The bicycle represents his personal efforts to deal with life and his place in the human race.

Bicycle wheel: Like any circular thing, it represents your wholeness, the best of you. If you have lost the wheel or it is damaged, it shows you have lived or done things in your past that have lessened your effectiveness in life, and you are trying or ought to deal the failure in daily life.

 Example: One of my wheels had broken. Apparently a new wheel was supposed to be in the room, which was like a spares store. I looked in a cupboard on the left of the room, but although other people’s wheels were there, I couldn’t find mine.

On exploring this dream the dreamer he saw that, “The dream was given to show the difficulties now coming into your own life. The wheel represents that wholeness which you seek and need. The wholeness is broken from past lives. The wheel reminds you that your journey up on the trackless way must have this wholeness. When you lost this wholeness, you lost your proper relationship with my light, life, and love. This must be found within the future.”

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this depicting my personal effort to move and change in life, or is indicating my life as a whole?

Are other people involved and in what way?

What attitudes or skill are shown in the dream?

Maybe Acting on your dream will help.


-Debbie 2017-12-15 16:28:15

I dreamt last night that I was at some home that had a lot of dogs, I thought it was a shelter but the people selling the dogs did not seem all too savory. I rescued 2 dogs, a small dog by the name of “Otto” and a larger dog. I really did not want more dogs so I was wondering why I was doing this but after meeting the people selling them, I thought I had to and both seemed smittened with me or starved for attention and affection. I began to take them home. The next thing I’m aware of is I have the bigger dog riding on a bicycle with me. I don’t know how I managed this but we are joyfully riding on this bike when I got distracted and was looking at beautiful scenery but we started to go downhill and the bike was speeding away and I realized I was beginning to lose control, I braked best as I could…stopped the bike, looked and realized the dog had fallen off! I turned and saw the dog lying in the road and I tried to rush up the hill and yelling out “Help” but it kept coming out very feeble sounding as if I had no voice. I continued to shout it out best as I could albeit feeble sounding. I saw a truck come and I thought it will run the dog over but its tires straddled it. No vehicle actually hit it…but it laid on the road from falling off the bike. I finally got to it and it was laying there with his head up and tail wagging and tongue hanging out with a happy dog face look. I was so thankful he was safe and okay. He hopped back on my bike and off we went. Such a crazy dream. Can you decipher it for me please? Thank you!

    -Tony Crisp 2017-12-20 12:00:31

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read –


    Debbie – Don’t forget that dream images are always symbols referring to something else. To be clear all the people, animals, places you see in your dreams, are simply your own feelings, fears, hopes and wonder projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind as images.

    But you tend to believe you are your personality, your ego, but in fact you are far, far more than that, but the human personality – the You that you call yourself, with a name, is only a tiny thing. But we have to remember that having a personality with self awareness is a very new thing and has only existed for a short time. Before that we were like animals that lived only in the Life Will – what we usually call instincts. So the development of self awareness was an immense step, and left us very vulnerable, and still does.

    But none of us was made from scratch. Every human being develops from the fusion of two cells, an egg and a sperm, that are the descendants of other cells. The lineage of cells that joins one generation to the next — called the germline — is, in a sense, immortal. So in fact we have immense parts of us that most of us are totally unaware of – the cellular level, the organ level, with a spinal brain, a reptile brain and a mammalian brain, while our human brain sits on top like a rider of a very ancient beast – our body. See

    Many ‘riders’ do not understand the needs of the wonderful multilevel steed that carries them through life. For a start many riders constantly give it poison to drink for alcohol is a poison that is not good for the organ level, especially the liver. Also they often feed it with sub standard foods like white rice, flour and sugar, and other manufactured foods, instead of the mineral and vitamin rich foods our animal has lived on for millions of years. Also it has needs such as exercise and sexual, needs to be taken care of.

    So you dream tells a story of a part of you that has been starved of attention and affection. It is a part of you that is still very much a mammal, and looks to you for help and direction. You got distracted by your feeling that life is about only the beautiful – but you animal self also holds the bacteria in your gut that helps you to process and excrete the crap your body no longer wants.

    That leads to being unaware if the dangers you face in modern life – the roads and traffic.

-cansu 2017-08-01 8:34:47

Hello, I had a dream of bicycle last night. I am riding a bicycle through the poor streets where the buildings are old and ugly. There are not many people in the streets. I am in a rush and I feel that I should not stop cycling, but I don’t know why. On the road I hit a kitty and I see its paws were chopped because of me. But the kitten stayed silent and I couldn’t stop to care with it because I am in hurry. But I feel really sorry about what happened. Later, I see a crying little girl. Her mouth was bleeding. She is looking so sad and offended. I get sad when I see her and I feel this pain deep inside so that I curse for the people who made her sad. I continue cycling and this time I come across an insane man who tries to molest me but I thought that I should look strong so he cannot hurt me. I shouted and got rid of him. I continued to cycle because there were a couple of foreign men coming towards, they were speaking a language that I dont speak and I got scared. I was lost in these ugly streets I wanted to check the map on my mobile phone but that meant I had to stop. So I didn’t stop and continued cycling to somewhere I don’t know.

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