Bishop Priest Rabbi Pope Minister

Ones religious beliefs; ones relationship with religious beliefs, maybe even a sense of sin connected with religious beliefs or indoctrination.

Sympathy with a sense of community. Sometimes in some dreams it indicates a non sexual relationship, a sort of father figure you can learn love with when it had not been learned with ones parents.

It can be many other things depending of the contents of your dream. He or she can be a pompous authoritarian figure, a wonderful connection with your ability to see into the spiritual world, part of you that exercises spiritual power, your ability to minister to others, an entrance into the ‘Higher Pastures’, the Christ in you.

Wilber B. Tanner in her wonderful dream book adds to this saying the figure could also be seen as depicting pomp and circumstance, self-aggrandisement, ego, self-righteousness, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, greed, pomposity, and holier-than-thou attitudes, depending on your experiences, associations, and feelings in the dream.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What experience if any have you had with a bishop, and what was your impressions?

What attitude did the figure express?

Did he or she give any feeling of being a teacher or of the spirit?

I would recommend using Talking As and Easy Dream Interpretation.


-ndungayaw 2018-06-25 17:25:31

This is great, interpretation matches most of the things in my life

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