Bite Bitten Biting

This suggests aggression. Or it could be the desire to suckle the breast hidden under aggression – this applies to women equally as to men. A hurt from someone or something; something has got into you that has ‘wounded’ or poisoned you. Being bitten can also show a fear of being hurt, or a feeling of being damaged in some way.

The saying, ‘Once bitten twice shy’ also refers to a hurtful or frightening experience that leaves you feeling uncertain about repeating it. This is shown in the following example.

Example: ‘I had to get a large spider into a small dwelling. At one point it was like trying to get the spider into a narrow necked bottle, the spider was unwilling, and bit my finger. I was worried the bite might be poisonous, but it seemed alright.’ Alan P.

The large spider, small dwelling and finger refer to sexual intercourse. Alan feels fear of introducing his finger into the bottle because he might be bitten. So here the bite refers to the injection of fearful emotions, unwillingness, into his sexual impulse – but of course also into his ability to get emotionally close to a woman. The spider often refers to the mother, and in fact Alan’s mother introduced him to fear of sex. So the bite is clearly to do with feeling attacked by anxieties or one’s urges.

We also bite food, and this type of bite is expressed in the saying, ‘What sized bite of the pie did you take’? So this type of bite in a dream would refer to how much or little of something are you getting or taking.

Idioms: a bite to eat; bark is worse than his bite; bite me; bite off more than you can chew; bite the bullet; bite the dust; bite the hand that feeds you; bite your tongue; grab a bite to eat; have a bite; sound bite.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I been bitten or am I biting, and what is the main feeling in the dream?

If I am bitten what is my response?

Have I recently felt attacked or aggressive?

What is the feeling behind the bite or biting, and where do I meet that in my life?

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-Lisa 2018-01-24 14:00:50

Hi Tony, I really feel a dream is trying to get something through to me and I’m missing the point can you shed your thoughts please? Im constantly dreaming of animals for over a year now and in particular a grey cat which I can sometimes feel also. Recently I keep dreaming of my right hand held firmly in the mouth of a white polar bear, a black dog, a snake, a pink fish and then this morning my cat came on the bed and I saw it and
again my right hand was in its mouth. My hand is held firm but these animals don’t seem to want to lead me its just so weird , I begin to feel wary in case they decide to bite down then I wake or the dream moves on. I really feel a message is trying to get through here but I’m lost. I’d be so grateful for your thoughts on it. Blessings, lisa

-Karen 2016-09-01 12:34:42

hello! can i ask about dream definition? i dreamed about i was bitting by a child in my stomach.. is there any meaning related in my waking life or its just a dream?
thank you so much, i hope u can help me.. i look forward to it.. God bless

-skye 2015-12-01 1:31:26

Hi Tony

I wonder if you could help me with a dream?

I have recently been talking to this woman who we have only met over email and we have a spiritual connection and we talk a lot about how er have been empowered and how the work I do has inspired her and it feels like the universe has brought her into my life to motivate me to keep on with my dream and it feels quite positive to have her energy in the background. We are planning to meet for lunch for the first time soon.

I’ve been so busy and I’ve not had a chance to really sense and feel who this woman is.

But I do feel in spirit, meeting her has pushed me further forward which is very rare as I normally meet people who do the opposite out of jealousy.

So today I had some time to look at her website, read some interviews on the internet about her, saw a picture of her and I began to ask is she genuine and who is she as I’ve been hurt so any times.

I had a dream that woke me up and I could not sleep.

She was biting my toes and I said to her what are you doing then as I pulled my toes from her teeth she latched on to my hands then I got up turn the light on and said her name and said what’s wrong with you? She still tried to latch on to me then I woke up.

I feel this dream is more about her than me but in another sense I feel that perhaps it might turn out after a while that she could try to hurt me.

Would be grateful for your thoughts.


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