Boot Trunk of Car

The memories, the karma, or influences from past actions and experiences that we still carry with us. Also the necessary things we carry about with us, such as shopping, that would connect with caring for personal or family needs. Occasionally something you want to hide or get rid of.

The boot might also suggest the ‘baggage’ of anxieties and thoughts that you carry in the back of your mind; or tools for dealing with difficult life situations.

The boot is a storage place too, so can relate to things you have such as qualities or values, that are not being used, but are at hand if needed.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is in the boot/trunk in the dream, and what do I connect with them? i.e. are they things connected with work, holidaying, clothes (social attitudes), leisure things such as golf clubs.

Is this something I am hiding in the boot, or am I okay about it?

What resources do I have in the boot?

Please see Processing Dreams and Role

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