A bottle can depict many things depending on how it is presented in the dream. Fundamentally it is a container so can represent the vagina, or the function in you of holding – perhaps as we might hold on to an idea or a resentment, which we later ‘uncork’ and pour out. But because it can contain things it may often link with what is in it. As such it suggests the quality of what can be poured out of. In this sense you need to wonder what you are pouring out or holding onto in your life. If the bottle is corked or difficult to open it is suggesting that you have resources or feelings that you are not expressing or accessing easily. Maybe you are ‘bottled up’ in some way.

If the bottle is empty: Resources you have used up, or that you are feeling empty or have nothing to offer others.

If something in it: Resources you have.

With wine, spirits or beer: Sometimes an influence that changes the way you feel, just as alcohol does.

If red wine: Similar to above, but with the added possibility of depicting a sense you have of there being more in life than your own ego, its worries and desires; a sense of sharing life. See: alcohol.

Hot water bottle: A real comfort if you feel cold and cannot give warmth. If it is cold then ‘cold comfort’ would apply.

Example: Some of the huge limitations that exist for most of us during physical life are to do with how small our range of sensory awareness is. We might feel almost as if our body is a bottle and we are encased in it; or that we are the bottle, separated in time and space from all other bottles. If the bottle is black we think we as a person are black. If the bottle is female we believe that fundamentally we are female. If the bottle is damaged, we may feel certain that as a person we too are inadequate in some way.

Example: I picked up a bottle marked Mr. Crisp – or so I thought – but I can’t quite read the name. Maybe it was Mrs. Crisp, or Mr. Christ, or something. It was a bottle of vitamin C, and said on the label that it was for inflamed or red eyes.

Example: Suddenly a bottle in the bag she was carrying the picnic lunch in, fell over and spilled a sticky brown liquid on the floor and on me. It was a large cider bottle. I tried to stand it upright. The bottle is the pouring out of your own soul, the love you find it hard to let pour out of you. Being sticky means you do not enjoy the feeling of this.

Idioms: bottle drive; bottle man; bottle up; chief cook and bottle washer; hit the bottle; new wine and old bottles; spin the bottle.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the bottle empty – if so what might it have held or what has been ‘poured out’?

Does the bottle contain anything – if so what do I associate with it?

Am I holding onto anything in myself that needs to come out?

Is there any indication or analogy with sex in my dream – is so what is it suggesting?

Try using Being the Person or Thing and LifeStream.

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