The prevailing major driving force in your life, as ambition, desire, love. There is also a possibility here of the boss figure representing authority, and so the dream of the boss dramatising your relationship with an authority figure.

The boss can also stand in the place of father or mother, and depict some of the less apparent aspects of your relationship with them. Any suggestions in the dream that the dream boss links with an actual person who is or has been your boss could obviously be about the way you relate to that person, and feelings, difficulties or emotional ties revealed.

Whatever of these most fits your dream and feelings, it is still useful to stand in the role of your dream boss and explore what is felt and observed from his/her standpoint. This is because such characters in our dreams often incorporate perceptions about them you may not be aware of consciously. See the entry on characters or people for more information on this.

Sometimes dreams deal with a sexual relationship with the boss. Such dreams need exploring as in the characters link above. But sometimes a boss in a dream can represent an example of a helper who knows you and can guide your process of growth, spiritual or otherwise.

Example: The owner was gruff. He was ordering his help around in a mean way. They were pissed at him. There was a commotion at the door. Some blacks were crashing, and the whites got up to leave. It was riot city. I jumped up and said, “Wait. We can all work it out.” I ran to the stage. The men grabbed me and started to pick me up and carry me up the stairs. I pleaded, “No please, don’t! You’ll hurt me! You’re all angry; I can do it myself.” The men said, “The boss told us we have to. We don’t want to, believe me.” I started ordering everyone. I told the boss he’d better shape up and treat people nicely and he might get better results. He was shocked and started to argue. I stopped him. He glowered and then agreed. I told the men to carry me to the stage and I’d introduce them to a nice blonde woman, “Sandra,” who was rich. They were surprised and then got nice and agreed. They got me up on stage. People were walking out. I got the mike and said, “Wait. You’re gonna miss something neat if you leave.” I started belting out “I am woman.” I pushed the curtain back so I could play to the whole club (arena-like stage). I saw on the left, a red plush banquet set up. No one was there. Everyone started dancing and enjoying themselves. Blacks, whites, men, and women, all together. I was the pivotal peace maker. Barb

Barb is obviously a woman with spirit and doesn’t bow down to authority but manages to make it work through her own power.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this suggesting a struggle or conflict in any way – if so is it showing an authority or personality conflict?

What is the essence of the relationship with the boss in the dream?

Is there any love connection here?

Is the boss directing or encouraging me to do something – if so what, and how does that tie in with my life?

Please try Stand in role and also carry the dream forward.

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