This very much depends on context in the dream, and whether it is a bowl for washing, is being used as a container, a collecting receptacle, or in giving something.

It might at times depict the womb, or a receptive attitude, how you receive or contain something; or how something is contained or held. So it might suggest an open giving attitude as when a bowl contains food. The bowl can also represent the receptive and containing side of your personality, your receptive feelings and intuitions.

If it connects with the womb, such bowls sometimes have small fish in them, or even a kitten.

In some dreams the bowl is that of a toilet, and it is then both a state of receiving and a condition – full, unclean, etc. See toilet; vase.

See Bowling

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is in my dream bowl – Look it up to see what is suggested?

Am I in a receptive situation at the moment?

Do I feel there is a connection here with the womb or the vagina?

What happens in my dream that will give a clue – dropped, offered, used, etc?

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