It indicates that you are held, or can be in the middle of uncertainty, of shipwreck, or being lost or drowned in a rough sea/difficult even raging emotions.

It also can show you a safe thing to hold onto when you are in difficult situations. A way to weather a storm. It can be like miniature lighthouse marking the dangerous ways to go, or the sage passage.

There can also be weather buoys, navigational buoys, marker buoys, tsunami buoys to give warning or immense unconscious shifts, ice hole buoys and many others. But they would only appear in your dream if you knew of them, and are self explanatory.

Example: A man who took his wife very much for granted, and was consciously unaware of all she did to make his life pleasant and easy, dreamed of being caught in a heavy sea and being buoyed up and carried to shore by a sturdy woman lifeguard.

Example: The bonds are developing between people who are transcending race, religion. We say “I trust you to take care of me. I trust you to handle me like yourself.” This is the only personal attainment we have got. Our society in the end is still formed around followers and leaders, groups and kinship ties, and bringing our resources into those kinship ties. What actually happens is that they form kinship bonds which form huge alliances. They form massive organisms made up of thousands or millions of people. But where does the individual stand in relationship to them?

If we don’t form bonds which transcend through love, we have no chance against these huge organisms. We’ve got no push, no power. What a beautiful craft or ship such bonding would make – made up of human wreckage and derelicts. The old craft was structures out of projecting onto the leader stability within the storm. Where is that leader, if it is not in human form, in tangible human giving and sharing. As I understand it people were induced to put their family bonding into the church – to invest that bonding and their future, their eternal future, in the church. Because people wouldn’t face the necessities of – originally there was a huge marker buoy left in eternity, so that if humanity got lost they had an ark – what we call the Christ. Christ rocks like a boat in the eternal energies. The bonds we create and live by are a part of the system itself. What survives is to create a bonding system which actually survives and perpetuates itself. It cannot do this without utilising the hidden but powerful underlying systems in cosmic processes. There is another fundamental action that I see – it is that when we move against an implicit social conditioning, we feel the pressure or pain of that – whether it is sexual, clothing, or whatever it is.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What relationship did I have with the buoy?

And what was the situation in the dream in which the buoy was a part?

Can you take from any of that what your present situation is?

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