Things you store inside you, such as memories or emotions. A closed box can represent the womb, or things you hide from the view of others or even yourself. Depending on the size of the box, it can represent memories, or treasured experiences. It might, like chest, represent the way you store feelings. See: Chest.

It can be about abilities you have that are only used on special occasions, such as tools, art equipment, special knowledge etc. Maybe a box in which you keep your instinctive animal urges to stop them being free. See Animal

Bird box: This is a place where birds bring up their young, and so it may be a comment on your own parenting ability, or even about pregnancy – the eggs being hatched.

Closed box: Often represents the womb/uterus and its connection with childbearing; or if not that, something you have experienced that you have closed away in you or in the past.

Mail or P.O. Box: This often shows some sort of excitement about what might be in there, or disappointment if there is nothing of interest. It can be about waiting for news, hopes for or even real communication. Hopes about opportunity; surprises or bad news.

Example: I look in the mail box and wonder why I don’t get as much mail as I used to as a teenager.

Received box: Something you now have but perhaps have not yet opened to explore or become conscious of.

The IN box of email: Similar to mail box.

Window Box: A special area of growth that you have to tend to care for.

Example: One person, “looking for herself, came upon a tightly closed box. Tearing it open – in her fantasy – she found inside a lovely rose, and realised that she had been enclosed in a box of Puritanism, of self denial and physical shame. The outer petals of the rose, pink and mauve, seemed to whirl and dance; they sent her fancy spinning off like a ballerina into flowered landscapes of delicious femininity. The inner petals were shaded from the light, obscure and mysterious. Here the colours darkened to deep crimson and velvet purple. They reflected her deep animality. These she avoided, until she realised that it took both the light and the dark to make a lovely rose. She could not have one without the other. Gradually the rose became a nourishing symbol in her life and growth.”

An example of how we can shut up or hide important and even beautiful parts of us. The walls of the box can be made of fear, or as in the dream, Puritanism, shame and self denial. It takes all of us to be whole and beautiful, the lights and the dark. Only when they merge can we see the wonder that we are.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I aware of that I have within myself, and am now exploring or discovering?

If this is a received box, what has recently come into my life?

If an old box, what do I hold from the past that has maybe been stored away.

What is in the box and how do you  relate to that?

See Methods of Awakening and Processing Dreams.


-Tommy 2015-03-06 9:52:49

I had a dream that was in this village and I started killing the villagers so then I get to the last house and the guy is like this is my box I’m the last viliger (in the dream a had a feeling something ancient was in the box i wanted it so bad) his door is like way up high so I can’t reach it so I start chopping down the wooden foundation of his house to slide it down to and once I destroy the last one I always wake up. What does this mean ?

    -Tony Crisp 2015-03-06 10:46:10

    Tommy – An interesting dream, one with something worth having – the ancient box – but obviously you are going about it the wrong way because you wake before finding the wonder inside the box.

    Dreams work by rules that are very different than those we are taught or shown in waking life. Please see

    Dreams are a product of Life within us, and just taking the example of your body, it is not a good attitude to kill parts of you. Life in us works on the principle of integration, digestion, circulation. Your attitude shown in the dream is one of grabbing what you want at the expense of others – a killer.

    The box represent something important you have stored inside yourself. It is perhaps an ability you have that has never be realised because of your attitude to yourself. Things happen inside you through a process of growth – the sort of growth that took you through teenage. But further growth you need to cultivate.

    A wise woman Marie von Franz writes, “The fact that we often speak of ‘arrested development’ shows that we assume that such a process of growth and maturation is possible with every individual. Since this psychic growth cannot be brought about by a conscious effort of will power, but happens involuntarily and naturally, it is in dreams frequently symbolised by the tree, whose slow, powerful, involuntary growth fulfils a definite pattern.”

    One has to learn to stop frantic searching and allow your inner process of growth to act in its own way.


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