Display of special qualities; richness of feelings, or feelings connected with the giver.

It can also point to augmentation of personality, social attractiveness, charm or amulet. Such things can be seen as women’s magic. For instance if we think back to the time when humans emerged from an ape like body, there must have been a time when a woman wore what we now call jewellery or make up. This would have made her stand out from the other women, and so appear more attractive. Women still recognise the magic they can do by altering their appearance with dress, make up and jewellery.

It can be a means of psychological protection through belief in it. See amulet. Because a bracelet is a circle it can represent your wholeness and feeling well in yourself. If the circle is broken suggests your attitudes or direction is not bringing what you want.

Any jewels in the bracelet are an indication that there is a link with the invisible forces of Life that can express through you.

Given as a gift: An acknowledgement of your special qualities, or that you are loved. Sometimes it can be the wonderful feelings the gift gave you.

Example: Then the door opens and Fletcher comes in. He’s lost weight. He gives me a ring and a bracelet. I say, “What’s this?” He says, “It’s a token of my love for you.” He has come to tell me he loves me. I feel uncomfortable because I don’t love him. I say, “I can’t accept these gifts,” and he sits with his back to me at the foot of the bed and says, “Oh, don’t worry, they’re worthless. Just trinkets I picked up.” I ask, “Are you sure?,” (because I think he’s lying and they are valuable).

Example: I have fallen in love with a Japanese princess. A highly illegal relationship. She had been forbidden to fall in love with anyone, but her feelings for me have overcome her. She is a very delicate young girl. We are lying on the ground not far from T’s mother when we start kissing. Then we are kidnapped in our blankets or sleeping bag. She is forced to give me an injection in my shoulder to make me sleep after she was given something that makes her groggy. “Oh, no,” I nearly cry out. I recovered a small gold bracelet that she instinctively threw to the ground. I also got something – a tie pin or key chain – that one of the kidnappers dropped on the sidewalk.

Both examples show how love plays a part in dreaming of bracelets.

But here is a bracelet dream that was explored by the dreamer –

Example: Then I discovered the inner competition going on within aspects of myself, and finally, I had something I could work with! At least in this dream I’m getting a reward! In being the thing, the bracelet was the importance of the material world and the joy it can bring, pretty girl things that are not just shallow but energising, also the white stone was calm emotions and peace, infinity, the carvings were the energy that art can focus into a small space. So my sense is this part of the dream is saying I get what I desire, by not rushing, by letting the others do what they feel they need to do and by I myself doing what I need to do.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings or associations do I have with the bracelet?

Is it a bracelet I know or is it just new in my dream?

Does it have precious gems in it?

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