bowing This can indicate reverence for someone or greeting with respect. It is also used in dreams where there is a feeling or prayer and humility.

It was always in the past used to show submission and bending of ones will to a powerful person – or sometimes devotion.

Example: Was in a room with a number of people. It was some sort of gathering to do with the spiritual way. A man reminiscent of Krishnamurti was there. People were bowing and scraping to him, and he was telling them what a mistake they were making. I believe I was in some slight disagreement with him.

The mistake was that they were failing to realise that they had within each of them what they were worshipping.

Example: I stop in a red brick building which is strange because all of the windows have been newly bricked up. I go inside to see what is going on and suddenly it begins to collapse. I turn and see a man going into a position of kneeling and bowing forward as if paying respect or praying to something, so I do the same thing. The building collapses on top of me, but I am not hurt because of this posture I am in. Instead of bricks slamming on top of me, it is like a mosquito net falls over me.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I showing reverence or submission to?

Do I identify with the bowing – after all it is your own dream?

Am I accepting my own relationship with my own inner light?

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