Fundamental nourishment; our basic emotional and biological needs, but also as in ‘give us this day our daily bread’ it also means our daily needs for survival. It can also suggest substance in the sense of wealth or possessions. In a spiritual sense it represent our universal experience of physical or bodily life, so connection or relationship with others. See: Food.

Being fed bread or giving it to someone else suggests being cared for or caring for others. It is to do with sharing life, or recognising the deep connection one has. As such it is given as a sacrament in churches where the dread represent the holiness of all physical substance – holy because everything is a part of creation. See Creation.

Bread crumbs can relate to what has passed or what is left from things past. They might also depict scraps given or received.

Sometimes represents a baby/pregnancy, especially if uncooked and being put in an oven.

Unusual or exotic bread: This probably depicts greater pleasure or enjoyment, such as sweetness in malted breads. .

Idioms: bread (money); bread and butter (ones daily needs); don’t know which side your bread is buttered on; breadbasket.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I not getting the bread – and does this point to any lack of pleasure, nourishment or relationship in my life?

Is the bread whole or rotten – and am I easily sustaining myself in life or have things gone ‘rotten’?

What am I doing with the bread, and what does this suggest?

Try Being the Person or Thing and Talking As.

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