Break Breaking Breakup

This can suggest the ending of something if an object or thing is broken, or it can link with the strength or weakness of a situation or relationship, as suggested by the words ‘break-up’.

Depending on the drama in the dream it might also link with a broken promise, shattered idealism, hope or faith or feeling broken in spirit. We are moved and tossed around by all manner of drives, ambitions, emotions, fears, temptations, worries, love and desire with its pains and hopes; it is something we take so seriously and get carried away into awful situations; we take many sorts of pain killers to deal with ourselves. Things such as alcohol, coffee, medical drugs and street drugs, and yet we have still are prone to break down, as can be seen by the number of people who need antidepressants or are totally lost in themselves.

A break can also depict changes as we ‘break’ with the past, or feelings of loss or damage. But breaking something, or breaking through a wall or obstacle, show you freeing yourself from old habits or restraining influences. But a big thing in people’s life is that way a break can show how they have broken through the barriers of our physical senses into a wider world of experience. See Answer to Critics.

Example: ‘For several hours I could find nothing about the dream. My mind simply wandered. But with help I persisted. Suddenly I seemed to break through, first to seeing how my father’s shop was a place in which I had unconsciously experienced great emotional pain. My father was always criticising. Never a word of encouragement. Then I burst into powerful sobbing as I felt the pain of wanting my father to love me, and help me grow into somebody capable of meeting life, instead of criticising me all the time.’

Example: Example: I dreamt I was on a garden with an old man, a young boy and a young man in his thirties. The plot of land had something of the feeling of an allotment. It was well tended, and I had the sense the young man had been doing most of the work on it. The soil was rich but at the moment dry. A few shoots were just breaking the ground from hundreds of bulbs which had just started shooting.

This shows how growth can be a break.

Idioms: Lucky/bad break; break a habit; break away; break the bank; big break; break down/ up; break new ground; break a leg; break a promise; break a spell; give me a break; broken heart; break the ice; break the news; break through; break with.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that is broken, and what might that link with in my life?

Did I do the breaking or was it someone else?

What were my feelings in the dream, where can I recognise those feelings in waking life, and what do they connect with?

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