Bridge Bridging

The bridge often has the significance of crossing or moving from one phase of life, activity or emphasis to another. So it can be used to represent leaving youth behind and meeting old age. It can also depict connection between yourself and another person, a relationship, a link between self and opportunity, yourself and change in life. Another possible meaning is a way of passing over obstacles or difficulties, as the song ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ suggests.

The bridge is a way of allowing passage, and it can show a constriction or a release of what was previously held back, blocked by a barrier. In personal terms this means that fears or other feelings can block the free flow of your creativity, love or growth. So what happens with the bridge in the dream might be illustrating something relating to blocking or unblocking of personal energies.

However, in many dreams crossing a bridge shows a change of outcome in your life, a deep shift in the way you relate to yourself and opportunities.

Example: ‘Having been enjoying ourselves with some work mates at a social club, my husband and I are travelling down a country lane in an open horse drawn carriage. It is dark. We come to a hump backed bridge. As we arrive at the brow of the bridge a voice says, ‘Fair lady come to me.’ I float and everything is black and peaceful. Then great fear overcomes me. I wake with terror and feelings of horror.’ Evelyn K.

Evelyn’s dream paints a vivid picture of her journey through life, drawn by the natural forces within her shown as a horse. She has enjoyed life, but comes to the ‘brow’ of her life, her 40th year, and feels it is all down hill now into old age, which horrifies her. But of course the horror comes because she has a wrong view of herself and old age.

Example: I do remember is leaving someplace and embarking on a journey at night. I’m frightened but I want to make this journey. I approach a stream with a very narrow bridge. It’s dark and I’m afraid I may fall off the bridge. But to continue I must cross the bridge. Suddenly a young man appears to help me across. I’m grateful. He takes me to a small cottage where there are other young adults.

This is very much like the Night Journey.

Broken bridge: A break in a relationship or connection. To drive off into space suggests a totally unexpected and emotional difficult situation. This is also a warning to watch out for difficulties ahead.

Building a bridge: Creating a way to deal with difficulties; building a link with others or another person; overcoming problems or hesitations.

Draw bridge: This is something, a right of way, that can be withdrawn, making it difficult to carry on. Perhaps a warning in some dreams, to be careful.

Fallen bridge: this might link with a lost opportunity; broken bonds and connections; parting in a relationship, or broken opportunity or a difficult obstacle.

Falling or jumping off bridge: This is still about change or connection, and is therefore about avoiding change, trying to escape from what change is confronting you with, or making a break form something or someone.

Standing on a bridge: When we stand on a bridge we can see the flow of events on the river, so it may relate to gaining an overview of your life. It  might also depict a change or being in the middle of change – maybe indecision.

Standing on a bridge looking into water: Often refers to looking deep into oneself from an overall perspective. What you see in the water, or under the water relates to what feelings or fears you hold within yourself. The fears may indicate what is preventing you from making changes in your life, or extending into a more fulfilling life.

Under a bridge: In some dreams this points to what is involved in changes or links of relationship. There is also shelter under a bridge, and sometimes it is out of public gaze, so it may link with those feelings.

Idioms: Burn one’s bridges; cross that bridge when I come to it; water under the bridge; bridge builder; bridge the gap.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the underlying feelings or theme in the dream, and what does that indicate about me?

Are there any difficulties or barriers to my crossing the bridge? If so what are they and how can I deal with them?

What is the feeling difference between being on one side of the bridge and the other? Imagine yourself being on each side of the bridge and notice the difference. Then see what this is saying about your life.

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-Melanie Edwards 2016-12-05 9:25:48

Hiya thank you for such a great resource. I had a bridge dream where I was looking down upon a huge suspension bridge across a large expanse of water . I was very high up and bridge towers were reaching high into the sky . I thought there was something wrong with the bridge so I started altering it ,but as I was altering it I become to have a view just above the traffic and debris was falling onto cars and and cars and buses were crashing . I think maybe it might be about my family life at the moment and my health . Be very grateful for any advice . Anyway I know you’re busy and you big help anyway ☺ thank you . Melanie

-Jennifer 2016-01-18 18:55:52

I had 2 dreams(s)

1. I dreamed that my mom and stepdad were being bullied by Suge Knight and his friends. I stood up for them and argued the bullies out. My mom and stepdad went on their business.

2. I dreamed I was hanging pictures of Stevie Jay & Joseline from LOVE & HIPHOP TV show on a bridge. When I got to the other side of the bridge someone had hung a colloge of picture of me high up on the bridge. I was totally shocked and suprised. Then thats when my cousin had walked towards me on the bridge. I maybe thought he hung them.

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