I had read somewhere that the only difference between a criminal and a successful person was their habits. Two of the great forces that push at the human soul or psyche are, firstly, social pressure, such as the moral norm; and secondly, biological pressures such as the sex drive. Individuals may fight a lifelong battle with one or the other of these. The social criminal typifies battle with social authority pressures and rules; the ascetic and the bulimic battle with biological drives. 

The battle of these two immense forces is not really won until there is the marriage or unity between the two. The following dream and its exploration illustrate this dynamically.

Example: I was in the basement of the house where I lived in London. I had taken some floorboards up because they were rotten. Underneath I saw a large white serpent or worm, somehow connected with a dead evil woman like a force of destruction and evil. I seemed to understand the evil could corrupt all of London, that it lived in a great underground lake that existed under all of London. I poked at the serpent with a piece of wood and it came to life and plunged into the earth. There seemed to be an air filled hole that I poked into and the wood I was using was wrenched away from my hands.

My family thought I was crazy because I was trying to tell them about this and sent for a doctor. I was very pleased to see him because he was very unbiased though, not believing – nor disbelieving. I explained my experience and feelings. With him there I dared to poke at the floor with a long scaffold pole. The pole was ripped from my grasp by some force below. Then we tied the pole to a beam and it ripped part of the beam off. I felt there was enough power to tear down my house if I had used it as an anchor. Then I saw Christ standing on my right, and the terrifying woman on my left, and they came together and the evil was neutralised – but so was the power of Christ. Mathew

Mathew saw the Christ figure as the moral norm in the society he was raised; a morality he had struggled with all his life. The woman he experienced as the urges such as his sexual needs and repressed urges, with which he had also struggled. When Christ and the woman merged he felt enormous peace and creativity.

But criminal behaviour can have many other causes, one  of which is the physical condition of the person. a remarkable pilot project, known as SCASO (South Cumbria Alternative Sentencing Options) young offenders were required, as part of their sentence, to undergo ‘nutritional rehabilitation’. The participants underwent a series of tests for vitamin and mineral levels, toxic minerals, blood sugar balance, as well as dietary assessment. “The most common problems were glucose intolerance and zinc deficiency.

Every single person we tested had abnormal glucose tolerance on a five hour glucose tolerance test.” says Gesch. The importance of glucose control in relation to behaviour is a consistent finding in the criminal population. In Finland Virkkunen investigated 69 habitual offenders for glucose balance. Every single one had reactive hypoglycaemia. A later study confirmed higher insulin activity during glucose tolerance tests among habitually violent offenders.

In the US Professor Stephen Schoenthaler, head of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at California State University, has reported a 21% reduction in anti-social behaviour, a 25% reduction in assaults, a 75% reduction in the use of restraints, and a 100% reduction in suicides when 3,000 inmates were placed on an experimental diet which reduced refined and sugary foods. These results were confirmed in a double-blind study involving 1,382 detained juvenile offenders placed on a reduced sugar diet. There was a 44% reduction in antisocial behaviour with most significant reductions among the serious offenders.

The rebound ‘low’, known as reactive hypoglycaemia, after a rapid increase in blood sugar levels, induced by sugar, sweets or stimulants, known as reactive hypoglycaemia, and is associated with extreme tiredness, depression, aggression and attempted suicide. According to Gesch “Of the 40 to 50 people we worked with on SCASO we could create an effect within a week or two.”

The criminal can be seen in dreams as a shadowy or thug type dream character, and is usually a part of oneself not recognised or in balance with the dreamer. It is soemtimes the functions or instincts in us that date from prehistory, when present day social and sexual restraints did not have survival value, and now make up a large part of the shadow or criminal self. See Avoid Being Victims

 Example: It was a devastating feeling to have nowhere and no one to be connected to. Growing in her was an awareness that she could, out of the aloneness, commit acts of desperation, criminal acts to the degree she had never considered before. Connection and family had unknowingly given her a barricade against an internal riot that would hit out at others. With the barricade down, even though so recently, the internal mob were shouting angrily. Bess didn’t understand the fine points of this, she simply felt like something was crushing her from the inside, and she trembled, not from the cold. Quoted from The Steel .

So YOU depend and need all the levels of you to function as you do. Unfortunately, the YOU that has come about is very vulnerable – look around you at all the people on drugs to keep them sane, free of depression and criminal tendencies –  and to protect this vulnerable you it forgets or blocks out knowledge of who and what it is.

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