Anything bright usually is about something more interesting or important. So brighter colours are also about catching your attention and showing a brighter mood or attitude.

So anything brightly lit would suggest that it is an important  dream, and one worth trying to understand. But see light, as that will say more about this.

Example: I had a dream where the outline of a heart appeared and one half of the heart was ruby crystals and the other half was diamond crystals. Then as I watched, the colour gold outlined the heart again. Then all of a sudden a bright white light burst out of the heart at me. It was so bright it actually woke me up. I had just learnt to do Reiki at the time and had done quite a lot that day, so I’m assuming it had to do with that. Is that the case or can I attach other meanings to this dream as well. I would appreciate your input.

The dream is about initiation, and is certainly bought about by opening to your core self. And by corer I mean the drama of how humans long for a connection with life that transcends time, space and death. It is a desire for wholeness. But another way of defining it is that which doesn’t change, what does not shift in human nature, what remains as the foundations of existence. The lovely images of your dream shows the heart, the centre of you, filled with jewels. And jewels mean something that have been formed through ages and are usually dug out of the rocks – and so are very precious. So to have many of them tells you that you have such a treasure in you to uncover and allow to express. For your dream shows you something that needs to be allowed to grow into your everyday life, and could be forgotten and covered up again. And the light is the sudden wonder of touching the source of your self.

Idioms: future looks bright; on the bright side; bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that is bright – a colour, a scene, a light or even a person?

What impression or feelings did you experience in connection with the bright thing?

If you imagine yourself as the brightness what do you feel?

Try using Being the Person or Thing and Talking As

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